2000 words internship logbook


I have worked for my home country embassy in Vienna and I want someone to write a logbook about it.

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2000 words internship logbook
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see the attachments

I have worked for two months in Saudi Embassy in Vienna


The logbook is comprised of eight logs of 250 words each, a total of 2000 words. It is recommended that you write up each day of the internship reflecting on the experiences and challenges faced that day: who you met, what tasks were set and how completed. You should think of the log as a journal where you reflect on your insights and observations of how you feel about yourself and the organisation after the day is completed.

When you have completed the internship, you can either choose what you consider to be the best eight days or synthesis of an event that took place over several days or a task that took a number of days to complete into one log. However, this log must be of approximately 250 words and eight logs must be produced in total.

The logs should be written in continuous prose, be written in a personal and reflective style, give a clear and detailed insight of the internship and organisation where taking the work experience. The logs should be dated and give a title which encapsulates the content of the entry. If the log is a reflection over several days on a specific activity then state the period the log takes place over.




I started in Media department, and I worked with two girls, and they let me read the archive of the Media department in the Saudi Embassy.

Day 2:

I have written for them a list of biggest companies in Austria.

Day 3:

I have written for them a 100 tweet that they can use it to promote to visit Saudi Arabia

Day 4:

I have written a statement about the Ambassador’s speech to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Day 5:

I moved to Permanent Delegation to the United Nations and international organizations in Vienna office, and I work with 5 people that they responsible about different organizations in Vienna, and they let me read the archive.

Day 6:

I have written a profile report about United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

Day 7:

I have written a profile report about United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Day 8:

I have written a profile report about United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)


This is an example of an excellent logbook. There were some spelling and grammar mistakes.

Most of these were easily rectified with Word’s inbuilt spelling and grammar checker so you

have no excuse to make the same mistake. I would also encourage you to use a nicer looking

font than Arial.

Politics Internship Module Logbook.

This logbook consists of 8 activities/days that I accomplished while doing my

internship at [Institute].

Log 1: Meeting the Students

Upon starting my internship, one of the first activities I engaged in was meeting the

classes and students that I would be working with. This started with me being

introduced by the teacher as Miss [Name], something that I am not usually

accustomed to being called. During this introduction, students took part one by one

to introduce themselves and give me a fun fact about them that I would find

interesting about them. It was very entertaining to speak to these students and see

the wide range of personalities and characters within the class. Due to the large

number of students and names, I was forced to write them down and try and

remember them to help my experience be as authentic as possible. After meeting

these students, I spoke to the teacher and asked for advice as to how she managed

to remember all her students’ names and the importance of it. She helped me

understand that it was important to learn each student’s names and personalities as

no two are the same which could apply to their learning styles. She told me that it

was important for all the students to be recognized as individuals as this would not

only help their learning however their confidence as well. This insight was very useful

as I had never acknowledged how important it actually is to get to know your

students therefore this being one the first major lesson that I have learned during my


Log 2: Planning for lessons

During my internship, something that was part of many of my days was planning for

lessons. I worked with the teacher to help plan for the lessons which consisted of

many different elements. Some of these elements were reading the specification set

by examination boards as this showed the curriculum that needed to be followed for

the students to achieve the best opportunity in the exams. Following reading the

specification, we went on to begin making the PowerPoint that would be used during

the lesson. The teacher made sure that I understood that you can’t be too ambitious

with the amount of work to intend to teach within a lesson because this depends on

the class. She showed me how she breaks up the timing of the hour lesson and it

showed me that lessons are actually very short when you take into consideration the

time that it takes students to settle down especially after break or lunch. After the

PowerPoints were done, we had to prepare the worksheets that would be used

during the lesson, due to the number of the classes, these worksheets had to be

ordered from the department that controlled the mass printing in the school. This

meant that you would have to put in an order at least a day before they were needed

showing me that planning lessons is something that couldn’t be done last minute

however a lot of effort and time management was required to ensure that these

students had the best quality of learning possible.

Log 3: Engaging in lessons

One thing that I was very nervous about was partaking in a lesson. This was due to

me being so used to being the student thus coming in as an authoritative figure was

something that was outside of my comfort zone as I was very worried as to how the

students would perceive me and if I came across as a teaching figure. This proved to

be an unnecessary worry as the students were very welcoming and respectful

towards me. It allowed me to be able to help them and them take what I was saying

as very informative and helpful. This also meant that I worked with the class teacher

to work out the best ways to help the class work the most efficient way. Coming in as

an authoritative figure as well as a younger person meant that students found it

easier to relate to me and ask questions that they would often shy away asking the

class teacher. It meant that I was able to create a deeper bond with these students

and help them not only with their class work however their advancements in later

years whether it be picking their subjects or their university courses. This taught me

that the position you take in a classroom as an authoritative figure really helps

students not only within their studies however also inspires them in later life with the

little pieces of wisdom you give them, and this was truly one of the most rewarding

experiences throughout my internship.

Log 4: Discipline for students

In the institution that I was interning at, discipline was a very important factor when it

came to educating. This meant that the students had to follow very strict rules from

their uniform to the actions within class. This was a very new experience for me as

by being part of the staff it became one of my roles to enforce the rules and make

sure all students were abiding them. The first challenge came during one of my

politics lessons when a student and the teacher found themselves in a heated

argument, this student was in clear violation of the rules thus being sent out of the

classroom. Not only did this disrupt the class however it also affected the mood of

the teacher. My mentor came by to deal with this student and called me out of the

lesson to see how they work to discipline students, my mentor spoke to the student

in a calm yet authoritative manner highlighting what she done was wrong and how

this not only affects her but also the whole class, she then allowed me to give my

opinion as someone who saw this encounter which was a new experience for me. I

used this opportunity to highlight that I understood where she was coming from but

also that the manner in which she presented herself was not right and that there are

other ways to deal with disagreements that don’t result in that manner. This helped to

learn that it helps students to speak to them and understand them and they are still

learning, and this will not only benefit them in school however in life too.

Log 5: Parents Evening

Since being a student, I have always been intrigued to know the backstage

preparations for such a busy and eventful night that being parents evening. Teachers

made me aware that on the day of parents evening, students would behave a lot

more than they would on a regular day thus using that as an indicator that these

students are somewhat aware of the consequences of this night. I worked with a

staff member to prepare for parents evening which started at getting all the students

booked and aware of the consequences of missing this meeting as it was deemed

very important within this institution. After all students are booked it was very

important to be prepared for every meeting meaning that all data collected on the

students and their books would be available for the parents to look at. During this

evening, I was able to observe the manner in which teachers spoke to parents and

the manner in which they expressed their worries as well as what they were happy

with. This taught me the importance of parent collaboration in their children’s studies

as this allows students to be more willing to learn and prosper compared to a child

who lacked this.

Log 6: Administration

One of my days at [institute] was spent helping in administration which my mentor

thought would benefit me as this applies to many job roles. On this day I worked with

the department assistant who worked to make sure all the admin was completed or

the department. This was a very new experience for me because I had never thought

of taking up a job role of this nature in my future. During this time, she was planning

a trip which required a lot of planning and preparation. I was tasked to make the

letters for consent for the students to take home to their parents and also had to set

up a parent pay system that could pay for the trip. This was a new experience for me

because booking the activities and making sure all the consent letters were in on

time was very challenging. It helped me learn about my time management skills

because it placed a lot of weight on my shoulders to make sure these students were

able to go on this trip and gain from this experience. It also helped me realise that

the job roles that seem small actually come with a lot of responsibility and dedication

to get the job done as these jobs carries a lot of importance and helps to keep the

team moving and working more productively thus appreciating department

assistants/secretaries more.

Log 7: Tutor sessions

While working in the classes, I found that a lot of students benefited from having the

one-to-one attention when it came to helping with their politics and economic work.

They often told me that I made it simpler for them to understand concepts that they

were struggling with for a long time and this was often transferred onto the teacher. I

was then offered the opportunity to lead a tutor session after school to help students

brush up on any topics they wanted before their exams. This opportunity did scare

me at first however I loved helping them in lessons so I believed that it wouldn’t be

much different. I led an after-school tutoring session with a few students who gave

me topics that they wanted to go over and we worked through them together and

used examples that they would understand to explain the likes of Brexit and the

European union. This a very entertaining and fulfilling experience as it showed how

easy it was to engage students in topics that they would have otherwise given up on

and to receive their thanks afterwards as they felt that they had truly benefited from

an extra hour in which they could go over their topics. This really did give me a

sense of what it would be like to go into a career of teaching and I pleasantly enjoyed


Log 8: Meetings

With all professional environments there are meetings, something that I have never

been a part of or understood the etiquette for. Coming to this secondary school, it

was quickly added to my agenda that I would have to attend meetings and partake

with them. During my placement I took part in 3 meetings: one department, one

faculty and an all staff briefing. All these meetings took on different forms with some

being more formal and others being more of a laid back catch up on the work that all

the staff members had been doing. The conduct of the formal meetings stood out for

me as they followed a particular layout in which many agendas would need to be

covered and notes and outcomes were to be achieved. These meetings were very

important to the staff members as it allowed them to understand where issues were

arising and how to fix them efficiently as well as how to plan and organise big events

within the school which would be very useful for all students. These meetings also

helped me realise that if you want to be heard you must speak up as these meetings

were also a place where staff members would lay out their own agendas in the effort

to achieve them first whether it be asking for a higher budget or activities that they

believed would benefit their students. This meant that timid characters would often

not get their say and shy away from making a presence thus almost losing out on

opportunities therefore teaching me that confidence and presence are very important

in the professional world.

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