5340-U3D2 Responsive Leadership: Motivating for Participation

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5340-U3D2 Responsive Leadership: Motivating for Participation
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Responsive Leadership: Motivating for Participation

Responsive Leadership: Motivating for Participation

• Your Responsive Leadership in Social Services textbook addresses a

number of elements that have been identified through research as

having a significant impact on leadership and work environments.

These factors include trust, integrity, respect, empathy, and safety.

Your textbook also covers other key factors in motivation and

engagement, including needs, values, goals, and strengths.

• In your initial post, discuss how the factors of trust, integrity, respect,

empathy, and safety impact organizational needs, values, goals, and

strengths. Based on the scenario in the Riverbend City media

presentation in the Studies for this week, explain how internal

practices within the organization also influence relationships with

outside agencies. What are potential challenges to building

collaboration with external agencies if elements such as trust or

integrity are not present in the organization internally? Use course

reference material or other sources to support your discussion post.

NOTE: Minimum of 350 words and 1 scholarly article

1/22/2023 Riverbend City: Internal Dynamics

https://media.capella.edu/CourseMedia/HMSV5340/InternalDynamics/transcript.asp 1/6

Riverbend City ® Activity

Internal Dynamics




An important part of leadership in the human services is
managing resistance to change within an organization, no
matter what the nature of the organization might be. This
resistance can take many forms, and be directed both inward
and outward. To be effective, a leader must know how to guide
staffers through both varieties.

In the simulations associated with this course, you’ll encounter both kinds
of resistance. You’ll assume the role of a case worker at the Riverbend
City Boys’ & Girls’ Club, serving as project manager for a major upcoming
event that will require cooperation with a number of local organizations.


Email from Jayme Young
From: Jayme Young, Executive Director, Boys and Girls’ Club RBC

Subject: Fundraising Event

I wanted to thank you again for agreeing to spearhead our organizational
efforts for the fundraising concert! I’m excited to see what you can do with

1/22/2023 Riverbend City: Internal Dynamics

https://media.capella.edu/CourseMedia/HMSV5340/InternalDynamics/transcript.asp 2/6

Just to make sure all of our bases are covered, I’d like to lay out where
we’re at with this, so that you have one easy place to look back to if you
need any details. First off, this is all in service of our upcoming Northside
Youth Rising initiative, which is intended to prevent youth violence and
generally keep kids in school. Since this is such a huge undertaking, we’ll
be partnering with the a couple of other Riverbend City nonprofits, the
Riverbend Services Consortium and Second Chance Riverbend; outside
of the nonprofit community, the coalition will include Elm Creek Lutheran
Church, St. Francis Borgia Catholic Church, Crandall Manufacturing,
Franzen InterTech, and liaisons from the Riverbend City school system
and the Hennsey County juvenile justice system. Needless to say, that’s a
lot of moving parts to manage.

Kicking this all off will be the Northside Blues Blowout fundraising concert;
that’s where you come in. We’ve never tried anything at this level of size
or complexity before, and I want to make sure we’re ready. I have
absolute trust in your ability to project-manage the concert. However, I do
worry about our ability as an organization to all pull the oars at the same
time, if you catch my drift. We’re not going to be able to coordinate very
well with a bunch of external entities if we’re not functioning as a team. To
that end, I’d feel a lot better about this if you could do sort of an informal
stakeholder survey, just talk to people around the hall and see if people
seem like they’re in the right frame of mind to do this. After you’ve done
this, I’d love to get your read on what people are saying and what kind of
situation this all adds up to.

Thanks- we’re counting on you!

— Jayme


Susan Shirey
Fundraising and Development Officer
Of course, I’m very excited for the initiative overall and for the benefit
concert in particular. Actually, it’s the concert I’m the most excited for- I
want to help pick the artists! My nephew’s partner is a northside rapper,
and I see just enough of that scene to know it’s really exciting. When you
put together the talent committee, I want to be on it. Can I be on it,

1/22/2023 Riverbend City: Internal Dynamics

https://media.capella.edu/CourseMedia/HMSV5340/InternalDynamics/transcript.asp 3/6

Gonna be honest, I think I need that committee to look forward to. I’m
really worried about burnout in the next six months or so. Like, we’re still
busy closing out the capital campaign, and that’s not going to be resolved
for a while yet. We’re past the peak of it, but the work’s ongoing, and it’s
going to continue even after the campaign formally closes—we still have
to collect those pledges, after all. We staffed up a little bit to cover the
increased needs of the capital campaign on top of our normal
development operations—which never stop, after all— but that was just
barely enough. Now we’re adding another layer with however the
fundraising burden winds up getting distributed with the Blues Blowout
and the Initiative. I understand that there are bigger forces at play here
that are driving the timing of all this, but WOW do I wish we were doing
this a year from now. We’ll make it work, I guess, but I shudder to think of
the corners that might wind up getting cut, or the risks for stuff to fall
through the cracks. And that’s just here.

So, yeah. Can I be on the talent committee?

Pa Shoua Vang
Events Manager
I think it’s great that we’re stepping up our game like this! Both ways, I
mean. It’s exciting that we’re taking on this big multi-level initiative, and it’s
exciting that we’re having a big old party to kick it off and fund it.

I have to say I’m a little curious about how this is all going to go down. I
already get kind of squicked out by our decision making process here. I
don’t mean to talk behind anybody’s back, but ever since Jayme’s been
Executive Director, I know I’ve felt kind of micromanaged on events,
especially fundraisers. It’s gotten pretty frustrating—we’ll be deep into the
planning stage, I’ll be close to finalizing contracts with vendors, and then
Jayme swoops in and undercuts my decisions on little stuff like food,
decoration, and all that. It’s really frustrating! It’s hard for me to do my job
just at our existing level without the power to make my own decisions. I
really have some qualms about what it’s going to be like trying to get stuff
done and coordinate with all of these outside groups when we can’t get
our own act together with this stuff. I think Jayme’s been a great leader
overall, but this one thing has been really problematic, and I think there’s
a big risk it’s going to bite us in the butt very soon.

Frank Willoughby
Marketing Coordinator

1/22/2023 Riverbend City: Internal Dynamics

https://media.capella.edu/CourseMedia/HMSV5340/InternalDynamics/transcript.asp 4/6

I know that, informally, I’m already starting to see a lot of message
confusion about all of this. I get together for lunch once a month with other
marketing folks from the Riverbend City nonprofit community, just to
network and talk shop. A bunch of them have heard rumors about what
we’re up to, and they’re really confused. Does this mean we’re going to
stop what we’ve always been doing? Are we merging?

I’ve been able to set them straight, but it has me concerned that we
haven’t thought this all through in terms of our messaging. If these people
who are pros in the business are confused, what’s the public going to
make of this? We’ve already muddied the waters for our general-operation
fundraising a little bit with a capital campaign… now we’re going to throw
in this separate other venture? I don’t know if people are going to be
completely clear on who we are anymore and what we’re doing, and why
we’re soliciting them. I mean, on some level it’s my job to take the tough
challenges and make ’em work, that’s why they pay me the big bucks…
but I wonder if we’re not setting ourselves up for trouble here.

Thomas Velazquez
Operations Manager
I think we’re in trouble. If we’re going to make this work, we’re really going
to need to clean up a bunch of our acts here. Every damned thing we do
takes weeks of meetings to make sure we have a consensus and every
voice is heard. I know, I know, that’s supposed to be good practice blah
blah blah, everyone feels valued, whee. But what it means is that we take
forever to make any decision, and really it’s just a big charade because
everyone talks but 9 times out of 10 we wind up doing what the first idea
was to begin with. It’s ridiculous, and it keeps us from being as great an
organization as it could be. I have no idea how we’re supposed to deal
with all these partners when we’re gonna have to have a damned town
hall meeting before every decision.

Part of what rankles so bad with all this consensus silliness is that we’ve
got a lot of dead wood around here. Look, I know Pa Shoua Vang’s a nice
person, but she is stone cold incompetent at her job and it drives me nuts
that we can never execute a decision until she chimes in. Why? Why do
we need to get input from the woman so useless at her job that Jayme
has to backstop her and do all of her work for her? It’s ridiculous. I love
the mission of the Boys’ and Girls’ Club, and I really believe in the work
we do here, but the organizational culture here is really hard to take.
People outside of the building don’t believe me when I tell them how we
operate; I think we’re all in for a rude awakening when we have to
interface with these other groups that aren’t so dysfunctional.

1/22/2023 Riverbend City: Internal Dynamics

https://media.capella.edu/CourseMedia/HMSV5340/InternalDynamics/transcript.asp 5/6

Reflection Questions

Identify the potential
problems faced by the
Riverbend City Boys
and Girls Club. What
themes do these
problems share?
Your response:

This question has not been answered yet.

If the leadership of the
Boys and Girls Club
asked you to suggest
two changes to
improve the internal
dynamics of the
organization, what
would they be?
Your response:

1/22/2023 Riverbend City: Internal Dynamics

https://media.capella.edu/CourseMedia/HMSV5340/InternalDynamics/transcript.asp 6/6

This question has not been answered yet.


You have finished this activity.

Subject Matter Expert:
Jolee Darnell
Interactive Design:
Marty Elmer
Interactive Developer:
Dre Allen, Matt Taylor
Instructional Design:
Alan Carpenter
Media Instructional Design:
Keith Pille
Project Management:
Andrea Thompson

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