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of paper 3 – 5 pages not including the cover or reference page. Use 3-5 references to support your background research and related information. Submit (upload) as a 
Word document in the assignment area.


Webinars are an effective way to obtain on-demand information regarding issues and challenges that leaders face. This assignment is designed to help students learn about various resources available for professional development, as well as engage in the thoughtful examination of pertinent leadership topics.


Some suggested links are listed below. Remember to choose only those that are free.

Center for Creative Leadership Webinars

https://www.ccl.org/webinars/Links to an external site.

ASCD (Educational leadership): 

https://www.ascd.org/search?refinementList%5Btype%5D%5B0%5D=webinar&refinementList%5Bfeatured%5D%5B0%5D=trueLinks to an external site.

Harvard Business Review webinar archive



Many of these seminars are accompanied by power point presentations so you can “view” them as you listen to the speaker. Some seminars are not accompanied by graphics. After you have listened to your chosen seminar, prepare a 3-5 page narrative paper which addresses the following areas:


1. Rationale for your selection

2. Summary of the speaker’s key points

3. How this content is or is not reflected in your present work

4. How applying the speaker’s message can change your work place


Be sure your paper is in correct APA style (6th ed.), and there are no grammar or spelling errors. Please refer to your APA manual or see 

Links to an external site.

for how to properly cite webinars within your paper (in-text) and reference list.




Discusses how the key points can be used to change the current workplace





Needs Improvement

Rationale and Appropriateness of selected seminar

Rationale stated clearly and topic selected relates to issues and concepts relevant to organizational leadership 

Rationale provided Topic related to organizational leadership

Rationale for selection is somewhat stated Topic is somewhat related

Rationale and Topic are unrelated to organizational leadership

Discusses how the key points can be used to change the current workplace

Succinct and clear summary of speaker’s topic

Includes a summary of key points

Summary is included though somewhat long and vague

Summary is missing

Includes a discussion of seminar content in present workplcae

Provides a specific discussion of how content relates or not to present worksite

Discusses relationship of content to worksite

Provides some discussion on relationship of seminar contern to current worksite

Discussion of seminar content relationship to worksite is missing

Provides specific  points on how topic points may apply to cause change at workplace

Provides points on how topic points may apply to cause change at workplace

Provides some points on how topic points may apply to cause change at workplace

Comments on how key points may change current workplace are missing

APA and Writing Style


Paper is free of errors and appropriately adheres to APA

Paper has a few errors and appropriately adheres to APA

Paper has some errors in APA format and grammar

Paper has multiple APA and grammar errors


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