Annotated bibliography

Objectives:  Through compiling annotated bibliographies for each of the assigned materials, students will:

Summarize in their own words the content and argument for each assigned course material (readings only)
Practice correct and discipline-specific citation formatting
Demonstrate their understanding of course materials
Compile a list of potential research sources to use for the final project
Assess the applicability of course materials for analysis of their chosen research site

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Annotated bibliography
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Description: An annotated bibliography is an organizing tool that is helpful when working on a research project.  An effective annotated bibliography is used to compile research sources in one location and provide the researcher with quick access to the information contained in each source. Each entry in an annotated bibliography includes a correctly formatted citation, and a narrative description of the source that a. concisely summarizes the content and argument of the material (3-5 sentences); and b. provides a brief analysis of the argument and/or its relevance for the larger research project (City as Text) due at the end of the term (1-2 sentences).  
Instructions: Students will create annotations for each of the assigned readings to produce two annotated bibliographies this term. The first annotated bibliography will include entries for readings from Modules 1-4. The second annotated bibliography will include entries for readings from Modules 5-8.
*Note: You do NOT need to create annotations for the Instructor’s Notes and Web activities.
Each annotation should include:

A correctly formatted citation (You may choose the format most appropriate for your disciple, but whatever you choose, please stick with it)
An annotation that i. concisely summarizes the source, its argument, and any other information in your own words (3-5 sentences); and ii. provides a brief assessment of the argument and/or its relevance as a source for the City as Text project (1-2 sentences) 

Formatting and Submissions: Annotated bibliographies should be organized in the order of the reading assignment, single-spaced, 12 pt. font.Please note:
Resources: Here are links to the Purdue Owl pages on annotated bibliographies and citation formatting:
You may also choose to use a citation management program, such as RefWorks, Endnote, or Zotero. If you are interested in learning more about citation management programs, please let me know and I will set up a workshop. 

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