Annual Report Project for ACC201

• Written Report: 5 to 10 pages plus appendices The written report should be an analysis and summary which will help answer and support the questions below. The written report should include calculations, charts, graphs, and additional articles related to the chosen company that will support your analysis. Please be sure to include all bibliography.Your written report should be turned in by no later than 11:59 PM CDT Friday, October 13th.You should read the annual report you have chosen in full, and then answer the following:1. Comment on why you selected this company/industry. 2. Review the Report by the CEO/President, Auditor’s Opinion Letter, the graphics, and the formatting. How is the information presented? Does it inspire trust, accuracy, reliability and inspiration?3. Describe anything that surprised you as you were reading through, including in the notes. Note if there are items that you feel are missing, or that you would like to see to give you more information in analyzing the company.4. Provide background information (history) on the company.5. Pick another similar company in the same industry for comparison and evaluation.6. Perform Individual Ratio Analysis and Trend Analysis for 3 years for both companies comparing the two companies, commenting on the following. Include industry averages:a. Current Ratiob. Inventory Turnoverc. Receivables Turnoverd. Debt to Total Assetse. Profit Marginf. Return on Assetsg. Return on Common Stockholder’s Equity7. Analyze the statement of cash flows for 3 years commenting on the company’s financial performance, financial position and how the company is getting and spending their money.8. Present Income Statement and Balance Sheet for at least 3 years using Common Size statements. 9. Provide Industry ratios for at least 3 different ratios.10. Would you consider working for this company? Why or why not?11. Would you consider investing in this company? Why or why not?

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Annual Report Project for ACC201
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