Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a growing concern in the medical field as more bacteria become resistant to common antibiotics. As a result, some bacterial infections require intense antibiotic treatment to control, while others have become completely resistant to all known antibiotics.Review your Reading material and the links below, and answer the questions.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (search for antibiotic resistance)U.S. Food and Drug Administration (search for antibiotic resistance)It is well known that many factors contribute to antibiotic resistance. If you had to choose one of the following factors as the biggest contributor, which would it be? (Choose one and explain your choice)over-prescribing/misuse (for mild infections, viral infections)antibiotic use in agriculture (cattle, pigs, chickens)bacterial genetics/ability to adapt and develop resistanceHow would you respond to a friend that said the following: “I have a really bad cold! Do you have any extra antibiotics?” Why would you respond that way?Return to Unit 6 Discussion Instructions

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Antibiotic Resistance
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