Applying Interventions to Victims of Terrorism Discussion

Following an act of terrorism, lingering public fear and distrust may exist. The impact of these conditions can be felt socially and economically. Following 9/11, the U.S. saw a dramatic impact on the stock market as well as overseas markets. Americans developed distrust of Muslim-Americans reminiscent of reactions to Japanese-Americans during WWII. A general pervasive attitude of uncertainty permeated America.Assignment GuidelinesIn 4–6 paragraphs, address the following:What governmental responses were initiated following 9/11 to address public fear and distrust? Explain.Are these measures still in place? Why or why not?Are they effective or only notionally effective satisfying the public’s need to fee safe? Explain.How can the American public’s reactions to a terrorist attack affect the United States’ partner nations’ confidence in the US economy? What might these reactions do to nations that are not friendly to the US? Could this weakened financial state embolden them to action? How can the US create confidence in light of these reactions?Nine years after 9/11, are these fears still present? How is the US government impacted?

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Applying Interventions to Victims of Terrorism Discussion
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