Army Health System MEMO

See the attached for assignment instructions. MOS is 68E (Dental Specialist). Let me know if you have any questions.


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Army Health System MEMO
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  • View the 21-minute voiceover PowerPoint video lecture (mp4) linked above
  • Read the instructions for this writing assignment: AHS Memo Assignment

  • Read the handouts in the lesson handouts folder
  • Use the Department of the Army Letterhead template
  • Complete your writing assignment
  • Upload and submit  your Word document by clicking the title link above
  • Purpose To demonstrate an understanding of the Army Health System.

    The transition to Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO) brings with it a
    multitude of challenges to the Army Health System (AHS). Awareness of
    and attention to medical considerations related to LSCO is critical.

  • Topic
  • Identify your MOS’s role and define which of the two medical missions you
    support. Describe how you are preparing in your role in that medical
    mission to transition to LSCO. Provide an example supporting your


    AHS Lesson
    AHS Smart Book

    AR 25-50

    Expectations 1. Utilizing the DA Letterhead template provided in blackboard, write a
    MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD for the topic above. Your memorandum

    -follow the guidelines in AR 25-50 (do not sign the document)
    -be a minimum of 2 body paragraphs
    -be a minimum of 1 page
    -include a Point of Contact line
    -use NCOA-DL for the office symbol

    Use your home station address for the letterhead. Do not include a
    reference paragraph, suspense date, or ARIMS record number.

    2. Upload and submit your memo as a MS Word document for grading in
    blackboard. Verify that you have uploaded the correct document before
    clicking submit. Only one attempt is authorized for this assignment.

    *Your memo will be evaluated on the expectations listed above and the
    assignment rubric*



    • Resource Requirements

    Department of the Army


    Street Address

    City State Zip


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