AU Sickle Cell Disease Paper

First, you will select a genetic disease. You may take this opportunity to think about your individual

health and health risks and consider any genetic diseases prevalent in your family. Do you have a

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AU Sickle Cell Disease Paper
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predisposition to breast cancer, diabetes, hypertension or any other disease? You may consider your

own health risks or those of other individuals such as a family member or friend. Then, in a paper of

750–1,000 words, address the following:

Part I: Evaluating the Role of Genes in the Development of Disease

Provide an introduction of the disease, including the reason why this would be considered a

genetic/inherited disease.

Discuss the major signs/symptoms of the disorder.

Research the mode of inheritance for your chosen disease and provide a thorough discussion of the

mode of inheritance. Your discussion should focus on how the disease is passed on from parent to


Are there specific genes that have been identified in the development of this disease? If so, what are


Discuss any available treatments used for the disease or to manage its symptoms.

Address any lifestyle changes or preventative efforts that may reduce the development of the disease or

may help to manage the symptoms of the disease.

If a family member is diagnosed with this disease or is identified as a carrier of the gene that causes the

disease, what steps could they take to reduce the likelihood that their children may inherit the disease?

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