Benchmark – Case Study The purpose of this paper is to incorporate material learned in the course into a clear, personal framework for counseling and to help you determine your own priorities in counseling and the value you place on Scripture and secular theories.In a 2,000-2,300-word paper,INTRODUCTION WITH STRONG THESIS STATMENT – 200 WORDS PART 1 : Describe your personal approach to counseling ( 60 0 WORDS ).PART 2: Evaluate one of the three scenarios below ( 600 WORDS ).Scenario options – CHOOSE 1 OF THE 3 A)Jane has come to counseling struggling with depression. She constantly feels down, has trouble performing daily tasks, and finds herself with little energy. She claims that she has a relationship with God but feels like he has left her alone in this struggle. Jane has sought help from other therapists in the past, but feels that the help is only temporary, as she continues to struggle with her depression.B)Bob is seeking counseling for an addiction to alcohol. He has realized that he is controlled by the substance and is constantly seeking ways to obtain more to drink. He has lost his job, most of his friends, and his family barely speaks to him anymore. He wants help, but Bob does not think he can do it on his own.C) Sarah has come for counseling as a result of abuse that happened to her as a child. She was molested by a family member and has found that those experiences have hindered her in seeking relationships now as an adult. Sarah has seen a therapist in the past, but does not feel that she has worked through her emotional struggles or trust issues. Sarah also indicates that she struggles in knowing where God was in those times of abuse.PART 3: Provide practical application of your counseling approach to the chosen scenario (600 WORDS ).CONCLUSION : 200 WORDS Support your position by referencing at least 10 academic resources, including the Bible. Incorporate the research into your writing in an appropriate, scholarly manner.Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

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