BHA 3202 CSU Health & Medical Stress Management Essay

write an essay that compares and contrasts creative and critical thinking as used in a stressful situation. Consider their application and effect as applied to a stressful situation of your choosing that a healthcare administrator might encounter. This may be an actual situation from your experience or a hypothetical situation. Keep the points below in mind as you construct your essay.

  • Clearly identify the stress and its effects in your chosen situation.
  • Your essay should do more than just state similarities and differences. It should also evaluate their significance and impact as well as offer a clear analysis of the types of thinking that should be applied in the situation you chose.
  • It should be organized logically with clear claims of similarities and differences and provide adequate levels of detail and description to support your analysis.
  • Stress is something we all have to deal with on some sort of platform. Work stress is more often
    them not bad stress. In my opinion personal stress is divided in Good and bad. Stress in health
    care will always be there. Finding ways to deal with it and still producing good work takes time
    and practice. Using stress to learn and motivated is important in the field of health care.
    A stressful situation that a health care administrator may encounter is delivering news that a
    patient did not make it through a general surgery. The stress of handling news this devasting, can
    trigger personal experience. The health care provider delivering the news may have been on the
    opposite side before and is overwhelmed with empathy. Before approaching the family or next of
    kin all the information must be available to present the news to the loved ones. Knowing what to
    say is scary and nerve-racking.
    The stress that comes with this situation is when delivering the news, can you hold back
    emotions but also show sympathy but no to much empathy? The backlash you can get from a
    family who just lost a loved one wanting someone to blame is very fearful. Keeping a calm
    demeanor and only having sympathy can look as you do not care. Having too much empathy can
    come across as taking the blame.
    When My niece was born there were Nemours complications that we as a family felt were
    preventable. The doctors were very calm when explaining that she may not make it and had lost
    too much oxygen. My brother was enraged with anger and blamed the doctors. Moments later
    the head Nurse came with tears in her eyes told us all how sorry she was, and wished there was
    more she could have done. From the outside looking in we felt that as her acknowledging
    something wrong took place. Now looking back it may have just been empathy that she went
    thru something similar in her personal life.
    This stress of delivering bad news or unfortunate death can cause emotional and physical stress.
    One stress that is combine by both is mental health. It leads to poor mental health that breaks
    down to effecting physical health. One example is anxiety attack. Emotional in this situation is
    the obvious of tears and crying. Physical and emotional stress when combined can have a health
    care worker spiral to a mental health breakdown and feel over worked. Having to take time off
    for emotional stress happens a lot in health care. We like to call this as a calling out for a mental
    health day. Dealing with every day stress of getting to work on time. Planning for a vacation is
    good stress but can cause emotional stress till the trip is paid for and taken.
    When dealing with stress you need to find coping skills/ Having a good support system at work
    and at home is by far one of the most important factors. Getting enough sleep and balancing
    work and home life can affect the way stress takes over your emotions.
    Quality of sleep and balancing leisure time can keep stress at a low. Facing situations that put a
    health worker in a delivering news situation can never be perfection as every situation is
    different. Using a more lentamente approach to delivering news to one person is completely
    different when delivering to a group. Taking in age and relationship is a lot of stress to make sure
    everyone understands.

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