Bio Chemistry – Scientific reasoning

1.) 1-Hexanamine and triethylamine have the same molecular weight of 101.190 amu. Despite this similarity, the boiling points of 1-Hexanamine and triethylamine are 131.5° C and 89.5° C respectively. Explain the reason for this variation in the boiling points of these two similar molecular weight compounds.2.) The boiling points of propanol and propanal are 97°C and 48°C respectively. Explain thereason for this variation in the boiling points of these two compounds with similar molecularweights. Discuss the role of intermolecular attractions between molecules to support youranswer3.) Stearic acid and linoleic acid are both long chain carboxylic acids with 18 carbon atoms.However, there is a vast difference in the melting points of these fatty acids. Stearic acid (18:0) melts at 70°C and linoleic acid (18:2) melts at -5°C. Explain why there is such a large difference in the melting points of these fatty acids.4.) Some amides are reported to have antibacterial activity. Discuss the feature that iscommon to amides with antibacterial activity, mechanism of action and applications.

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Bio Chemistry – Scientific reasoning
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