Business plan powerpoint

 Select a  fictional sports team, sports organization, or athletic department. You  can select any level you desire (youth, high school, college, or  professional). Develop a comprehensive “Business Plan” which must be  detailed, specific, realistic, and demonstrate accuracy in terms of  content developed 


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Business plan powerpoint
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  • Title (include your name as well as organization’s/program’s name)
  • Table of Contents (identify each slide’s title to inform audience of information to be discussed during presentation)
  • Company/Program  Conceptual Description (include historical development of  organization/program, organization’s/program’s location)
  • Executive  Summary (identify organization’s/program’s product and services,  marketing strategies, management team – organizational chart, financial  status and need)
  • Mission Statement (provide statement of organization’s/program’s of philosophy, future vision, and major operational goal)
  • Long-Term Goals (3-4 goals which may be accomplished within 5-8 years)
  • Short-Term Goals (3-4 goals which may be accomplished within 1-4 years)
  • SWOT Analysis (analyze organization’s/program’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities)
  • Human  Resources Plan (identify hiring procedures, staffing requirements,  disciplinary/separation, compensation/benefits, employee training)
  • Marketing  Plan (discuss Marketing Mix — Product, Price, Place, and Promotion  concerning organization’s/program’s business operations) 
  • References

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