Encuentro Cultural
Chapter 3 (pp. 94-95) presents us with the country of Colombia. The chapter explores facets of the country’s culture such as history, places and music. In the section of Artes Plásticas, page 95, the chapter presents one of the most important Colombian artists, Fernando Botero. For this discussion, you’re going to learn about Fernando Botero. 
Paso 1

First, read the section Artes Plásticas in your textbook, page 95.  Following, watch the video below to prepare for this discussion.  Then, do Paso 2.

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Paso 2

(1) After watching the video below, write a detail summary in ENGLISH of the video Fernando Botero (three to four paragraphs).
(2) Next, conduct a research in the Internet about Fernando Botero to learn more about him and his art. Following, select one of Fernando Botero’s paintings that you find interesting. Subsequently, answer the following questions in SPANISH, and include a picture of the painting along with the title.
¿Quién es Fernando Botero?
¿Cómo se llama la pintura (painting) que elegiste (that you chose)?
¿Cómo son las personas, animales u objetos en las pinturas de Botero? (Describe the painting in detail).
¿Qué hay en la pintura? (Explain in detail).
¿Qué colores usa Botero en la pintura?
¿Te gusta el estilo de Botero? ¿Por qué o por qué no? Note: a yes or no answer is not acceptable. You could start: Sí/no me gusta el estilo de Botero porque… (state your reasons).
¿Deseas visitar Colombia para ver las artes de Botero?

Remember that for every post you are required to comment on two discussions from your classmates’ posts.
If no one has posted anything by the time you post your assignment, comeback at a later time to fulfill this requirement.

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