Carrington College Statistics Worksheet

1. (2 points, total) You are the Director of Human Resources for a large, global company, and you are concerned with employ
job satisfaction (since it relates to employee performance and attrition). Each year, you survey a sample of your employees to
“Are you satisfied in your current position?” This year, you would like to report with confidence to your boss that more than
(a, 1 pt) Define the population parameter that is relevant to this situation. First highlight what type of parameter we’re testin
and then also write a description of what this parameter represents based on the problem statement.
Highlight one of the options to left and provide description here:
(b, 1 pt) State the relevant null and alternative hypotheses that are of interest in this situation. [Hint: Do not calculate anythin
H0 (null):
H1 (alternative):
your boss that more than 80% of all employees are satisfied in their current position.
2. (1 pt) A random sample of 100 professional basketball players yields a confidence interval for the true average height of pr
Test the (alternative) hypothesis that the true average height is above 77 inches. [Hint: Just make the conclusion from the inf
that the confidence interval provided is based on an appropriate level of confidence.] Highlight the correct answer, and wri
Accept the Null
Reject the Null
he true average height of professional basketball players to be 79 ± 3 inches.
3. (3 points, total) Suppose you are doing a hypothesis test. The null hypothesis is H0 : µ ≥ 10; the sample size is 400; the sam
(a, 1 pt) Calculate the test statistic.
(b, 1 pt) Calculate the p-value.
(c, 1 pt) What is the conclusion of the test for α = 0.05? Highlight your answer, and provide a brief justification.
Accept the Null
Reject the Null
e sample size is 400; the sample mean is 9; and the sample standard deviation is 10.

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Carrington College Statistics Worksheet
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