Write a reflection journal (250-300 words) to outline what has been discovered about your professional practice, personal strengths and weaknesses, and additional resources that could be introduced in a given situation to influence optimal outcomes. Each

  Write a reflection journal (250-300 words) to outline what has been discovered about your professional practice, personal strengths and weaknesses, and additional resources that could be introduced in a given situation to influence optimal outcomes. Each week there will be a specific focus to use in your reflection. Integrate leadership and inquiry into the current […]

Assignments Part 1 and Part 2 (A and B). Total of 3.

 Part 1: To Prepare: Review the scope and standards of practice or competencies related to your chosen specialty in the resources for this module. Review the MSN specializations offered at Walden by viewing the module resource, Walden University. (n.d.). Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Examine professional organizations related to the specialization you have chosen […]


Professor Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, in his article and in the video conversation with Robin D.G. Kelley, revisits the Combahee River Collective and their use of the term “identity politics.” In your own words, please explain the meaning of “identity politics” according to Táíwò. Your answer should be approximately 5-7 sentences or longer. NOTE: Please do […]

Chinese Postman Problem

  Part I: Complete the following steps: Select a real-world optimization problem that is an example of the Chinese Postman Problem (CPP). Create a graph modeling the real-world scenario corresponding to the problem. Use weights to represent the variable that you are optimizing. Find an optimal solution for the problem using the concepts studied in […]

Confidence Survey

  For this Critical Thinking assignment, you will analyze survey results using concepts from set theory. A survey of 500 high school math teachers was conducted to determine what affects students’ ability to succeed in math. The study found that 340 respondents believed that lack of confidence affects students’ ability to succeed in math, while […]


PLEASE READ EACH ASSIGNMENTS COMPLETELY AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AS STATED!!! PLEASEUPLOAD EACH ASSIGNMENT SEPARATELY Assignment 1 This assignment will be the first that you will work on as part of a course project due in Unit VII. You will work on this course project over the next six units. This project will begin with […]


ABA 525 BDS  Social Skills Training outline FOR SOCIAL SKILLS TRAINING Nhazanu Yekeh Pessima Graduate School College of Education, Endicott College, ABA 525: BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ABA Professor. Rebecca Seban July 10th, 2022 Thesis: People with mental illness or developmental disabilities can benefit from social skills training, a form of behavioral therapy. Teachers, therapists, and […]

heart dis

Assignment Requirements Topic- Heart diseas In your research report, be sure to address the following: · Summarize one or more negative and one or more positive health campaigns, based on results in the community. · Did the successful campaign have an effect on the targeted population? How? · What effect could the negative campaign have […]


  Transferable Skill: Information Literacy: Discovering information reflectively, understanding how information is produced and valued, and using information to create new knowledge and participate ethically in communities of learning. Your nursing supervisor likes the topic you chose for the in-service presentation and wants you to start researching! To make sure you get the project on […]

DB 6

  Image your company (Recreation center) has now grown larger and you have now moved to using an Access database so that 15 of your employees may enter data, rerun reports, and keep things going. Tell us what types of data would need to be collected (what table names and fields would you need). Also, […]

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