literature analysis

This is a literature analysis on the implementation of Unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace system.DirectionsTitle Page.Abstract (leave blank for now).Introduction: A brief overview of what you are researching, why, and an overview of your research process (including the main topics you will review). This should be approximately one paragraph.Background: Describe what led to […]

Instructions will be provided.

**** READ ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS AND FOLLOW CLOSELY** READ ADDITIONAL MATERIALS CLOSELY FOR ALL DIRECTIONS*** Title page. Abstract: An abstract is a brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the paper, including your conclusion and recommendation. Review the resource section of this module for additional information on how to write an abstract. Introduction: A brief overview […]

Sense and Avoid/Detect and Avoid System

Research a Sense and Avoid/Detect and Avoid system in use on a UAS today. Create a short narrated presentation of 3-5 slides (not including title slide or reference slide) on this research that covers the following:Describe the characteristics of the system and how it accomplishes sense and avoid.Does this system have the ability to sense […]

Future of UAS and Sensing Systems

Conduct your own research and find an article/video/website about a drone application that is new (appears to have been developed within the last year). Briefly describe the application and how sensing systems enable the mission to be completed. Evaluate any recent improvements in UAS or sensor systems that were required to make this application possible.

Future UAS and Sensor Applications

Analyze today’s status of UAS and the continual advancements. Then consider where the UAS field might be 10 years from now. Create a 3-slide presentation describing a possible future application, platform improvements that may be needed to support the application, and sensors that will be needed to support the application.

Privacy for UAS Application

Select a drone application, and develop and describe your plan to identify and alleviate concerns about privacy during your operation. Present a reference or references to support your plan.Identify any specific privacy laws in your state/country/city that apply to private/hobby UAS operators. Indicate if these laws are applied differently for commercial and/or government UAS operations.A […]

Oral Presentation MOD 8.3

The ability to convey information, both orally and in writing, is a necessary skill for today’s workforce. In this activity, you will present your research findings. Your presentation must include a minimum of six slides but no more than eight. It must have embedded audio and include speaker notes.Keep in mind that as a minimum […]

Employment Trends

Consider that you are a writer for a widely distributed aviation magazine. Your boss has charged you with writing an article on employment trends in the industry. For example: If you want to be an Aviation Maintenance Technician are there any gaps or surpluses in that field? If so, where are they?Your article must be […]

RF and Acoustic Sensors

Discuss strengths and weaknesses of acoustic sensors highlighting sensor characteristics.Describe a possible application for a UAS with acoustic sensors.Give examples of additional sensor characteristics or applications for UAS with these sensors.


Research and contact a company that uses a UAS with EO/IR/Thermal, Multi or Hyperspectral sensors to conduct their business. Explain that you are conducting research for a short UAS project at Embry-Riddle. Write a 1-2 page white paper in APA format that addresses the following:Describe the business.What is the mission of the company?How do they […]

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