Water Quality

Obtain a water quality report from your local municipality within the last two years and discuss what you found in the report? Wetumpka, AlIdentify a water quality issue happening in your community and where the pollution comes from? This includes point sources (for example, water discharge from a factory; contamination from a Superfund site), Non-point […]

Development of COVID-19 vaccine

What are the main arguments in the article?2. What evidence supports the arguments being made?3. How do the arguments being made in the article can be connected to the class discussion of that specific factor(regulations, animal testing or ethics etc.)?4. What questions were raised for you while reading this article about the factor such as […]

ACCT 303 – TERM PAPER Each student will be responsible for a term paper on either international or social/environmental/sustainability accounting. So, you can choose one topic between the two areas. The paper must have no more than 5 double spaced (normal font) pages. The paper must be referenced using the social science reference style, (i.e. Radebaugh and Gray 1997) in the body of the paper and then a complete listing in the bibliography. You must use sources in addition to the materials on reserve. If you use internet sources make sure they are either refereed or from an official body such as government or quasi-governmental source. Your essay will be evaluated based on whether it identifies and evaluates all important evidence and addresses existing or potential consequences. The paper is due November 19th. If the paper is late for any reason you will be penalized and the longer it is late the greater the detriment. Do not wait for the last minute to do the paper. Also plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment. Please hand in 2 copies of your paper. One will be used for department assessment purposes. International Accounting The assignment is to compare some aspect of financial accounting (e.g. Disclosure, Reporting Practices, Measurement or specific topics–e.g.-Goodwill) of two countries. One of the countries needs to be in the Anglo-American group, but not the U.S. (Canada, Great Britain, Australia or New Zealand). The other must be outside the Anglo-American group (e.g. Germany, Japan, France, China, Argentina, etc.). What you are to do is to explain why there is a difference based on cultural aspects. To help you with the cultural aspects I have uploaded two key articles, which may serve you as initial readings, on differences in international accounting systems (Please check the pdf files uploaded in this folder). You may, instead of comparing two countries, compare international accounting standards (as a concept or for a specific financial accounting topic) to the accounting standard in a country outside the Anglo-American group. Again, culture should be a key factor in explaining any differences. Sustainability/Environmental/Social Accounting The second paper topic concerns the financial accounting aspects (e.g. disclosure) of sustainability/environmental/social accounting. My view of accounting is that we should be providing information about the entity’s (e.g. the corporation) impact on society. Traditional financial accounting has limited itself to certain measures of financial performance and ignored other measures. These areas of accounting attempt to fill that void. You only need to focus on one of these areas. What I would like you to do for this topic is a little research on one of the areas of sustainability/environmental/social accounting and discuss the issues involved and implications for disclosure. Disclosure can be in annual reports or in a separate document. You need not take a pro-sustainability, etc. view. However, you need to justify whatever conclusion you reach. To help you jump start your reading on the topic, I have uploaded two more articles in this folder. You need to find sources other than the select papers I uploaded in this folder.

Write a scientific paper based on the Human Health Lab. You will prepare a research paper based on this research topic as if you are the lead scientist on the project. (not simply summarizing topic but also presenting hypothesis and findings to scientific community).Choose one independent variable and one dependent variable from Human health lab […]

2) Ghrelin receptors are expressed at many sites in the brain, but both their role at particular sites and whether/how ghrelin might reach those sites is uncertain.

Proposed question is:2) Ghrelin receptors are expressed at many sites in the brain, but both their role at particular sites and whether/how ghrelin might reach those sites is uncertain.Construct a feasible, testable hypothesis to explain the presence of ghrelin receptors in a particular brain area. Design and describe three complementary experimental approaches that address this […]

Pathogenesis of Nematodes

Please write a quality peer-reviewed references 1000 word essay on how the development process of pathogenesis are related to the way that nematodes adversely affect the host- either as superficial feeders or as endoparasites that induce syncytia or giant cells.

When Cell Division Goes Wrong – Aneuploidies

Organisms vary widely in the number of chromosomes per cell. The ant, Myrmeciapilosula, has only two chromosomes (one pair) per cell. By contrast, the fern, Ophioglossum, has up to 1260 chromosomes (630 pairs) per cell. This variation among organisms seems to be unrelated to how complex those species are. Instead, the precise chromosome number seems […]


Genetically Modified OrganismsWhen you think of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), it is common to think of genetically modified foods. Battles rage in the media and political circles regarding the safety and efficacy of genetically modified crops. However, there are many other applications for genetic modification, and microbiology is full of examples. Many bacterial species are […]


Thus far, you have primarily studied microbes in a medical capacity and have explored many disease-causing microorganisms. Prokaryotes are deeply connected to the environment, and humans depend on them in a variety of ways. In your unit Assignment, you will explore important roles that microorganisms play in the world around you. Your Reading for this […]

Wrap Up

Wrap-UpThis unit’s Discussion Board will provide you with an opportunity to discuss what you have learned and some ways in which this course may have changed your views. Feel free to share any funny stories or observations related to the class here as well.Mysophobia is an actual condition that many people suffer from, though it […]

Components of the immune system,

The human immune system is an elaborate collection of cellular components and chemical elements that combine and create a formidable force against pathogenic infection. For this unit’s Discussion, you will review the components of the immune system, and the ways in which each component contributes to the overall effectiveness of the immune response. Review your […]

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