Epidemiologists study the occurrence and transmission of human diseases on a global scale. This is no easy task since pathogens, or disease-causing organisms, are everywhere. It is virtually impossible to avoid coming into contact with a potentially pathogenic microorganism in the modern world.In this Assignment, you will practice some epidemiology. You will apply what you […]

Human Disease Review Lab Assignment

Pneumonia Case StudyPneumonia is a respiratory infection that impacts millions of Americans each year, and results in thousands of deaths across the country. Pneumonia can be caused by different types of microbes including fungi, viruses, or bacteria.Case Background: A 76-year old male is admitted to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath, high fever, coughing, […]

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a growing concern in the medical field as more bacteria become resistant to common antibiotics. As a result, some bacterial infections require intense antibiotic treatment to control, while others have become completely resistant to all known antibiotics.Review your Reading material and the links below, and answer the questions.The Centers for Disease Control […]


PathogensThis unit explores a diverse collection of microbes that can have serious impacts on the human population because many of them cause disease in humans. For this discussion, you will become an “expert” on one disease you reviewed in this unit’s Readings. Please follow the instructions closely.Give a brief overview of the organism you have […]

Microbial Control

Microbial ControlAs you learn more about the growth and control of microbes this unit, you will probably become more aware of everyday occurrences around your house that are based on these principles. This unit your cleaning habits will be under scrutiny. More specifically, the labels on your favorite household cleaners will be. So, grab a […]

At Home Enzyme Lab

Commonly the section heading “Introduction” is not printed because everybody knows that the introduction is the first part of a lab report or scientific paper. BUT I want you to label section “Introduction.” The introduction answers the questions: What is the problem being studied? Why was the experiment performed? Generally a little background information is […]

Biological Molecules

Font: 12ptTimes New Roman or CalibriPage Breaks are inserted where necessary. Bullets for lists are used where appropriate along with numbered lists. Formatting is correct with font, size, page breaks, bulleted lists, numbered lists, etc.Date, Lab section, professor 3/3 are includedUse key words to indicate the topic. Title is indicative of the topic. Thorough and […]

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