PhotoWidget JavaSwing

  1: Basic component architecture. The basic idea of this assignment is that we want to create a custom widget to display our photos and to handle displaying and adding annotations. Think back to what we saw in class: in Swing, the main class for the widget is its controller. It will also have a […]

GLBA Safeguarding Requirements

  Scenario You have been in your role as the CIO for Premier University for almost six months. In that time, you have managed to create a small information security team, and incident response is one of the team’s strengths. Unfortunately, the repercussions for the data breach that occurred almost a year ago continue to […]

Migration Presentation and Diagrams

  GTR is now focused on more practical matters like migration of data from the various applications and is wondering how this will work when they have many systems, databases, and tools that don’t integrate. Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes, focusing on migration, migration services, and tools. Your presentation […]

Computer Science

      In the main method, write the Java code that computes an estimate of pi based on the percentage of numbers from a random sampling that are relatively prime (e.g., coprime). The instructions for createArray and percentageRelativelyPrime along with the source code for gcd are given below. (a) Prompt the user for two integers: a number […]

Cybersecurity program

 Assessment Description Using all of the previous assignment information, students will present a comprehensive Cybersecurity Program that reports on the final state of their enterprise. Refer to the “Cybersecurity Program Template,” prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. . APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is […]

Security and Safety Brief

  The final hurdle is addressing the organization’s concerns about cloud security. GTR leadership has requested that you present a report to address security and what AWS offers to ensure safe and secure cloud computing, storage, and access. Write 2- to 3-page security design and approach brief in which you: Define the concept of a […]


  Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:  Discuss what AWS service gives you the ability to upload your application, monitor the health of your application, and implement scaling, load balancing, and capacity analysis. Options to consider: AWS Database Migration Service Amazon Cognito AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS Lambda 

WK8 10132021

NOTE: **** post answers in separate documents for each Question       **** Please follow the instructions to the point and pick relavant topics according to the subject       **** Follow APA7 format Subject: Cloud Computing  Question 1: 500+ words (APA format & latest scholarly journal article references 2016 on words) 100+ words answer for each question Select […]

Define Stubs

 Define stubs for the methods called by the below main(). Each stub should print “FIXME: Finish methodName()” followed by a newline, and should return -1 .  Example output:   FIXME: Finish getUserNum() FIXME: Finish getUserNum() FIXME: Finish computeAvg() Avg: -1 import java.util.Scanner; public class MthdStubsStatistics {    /*Your Answer Goes Here*/    public static void main(String [] args) […]


  1. Discuss the objectives of establishing security procedures within an SSP for an organization’s Information Systems. Discuss two of the barriers to establishing security procedures within an organization. 2)    Discuss the natural friction between the desire to restore IT capability within an organization quickly and the need to determine the cause to prevent […]

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