A message to Garcia

Reflect on the reading 1- Describe in four well-constructed paragraphs the most important lesson that you have personally taken from the PDF (See atachment) 2- How you can apply this lesson as a future warrant officer in the us army. THIS NEED TO BE ORIGINAL, PLAGIARISM FREE!!! A Message to Garcia Elbert Hubbard 1899 In all […]

help with disc and replies (2) due in 24 hours

due in 24 hours attached Week 4 – Neoplasms Discussion Topic Top of Form It has long been understood that prolonged exposure to formaldehyde can be carcinogenic (cancer causing.) Unfortunately, our profession is an occupational risk. It is the reason we must do all we can to reduce our exposure, through proper protocol, while working […]

Professional Teaching Standards

 Assessment Description Effective teachers analyze professional teaching standards and utilize academic standards to inform their professional responsibilities and to design appropriate curriculum.   Review the InTASC standards and the CEC Initial Preparation Standards. Address the following in a 250-500 word analysis: Compare the InTASC standards to the CEC standards to identify at least two common themes. […]

External Factors

I am attaching the other parts that will help you do this part. External Factor Evaluation (EFE)  In this opening paragraph, explain what the significance is regarding an External Factor Evaluation for an organization (see Table 7 ). This explanation must include the rankings 1 to 4 as well as the weighting 0.00 to 1.00 […]

Managing Conflicts

How do you feel about managing conflict? Note any apprehensions that you may have, their root and how you plan to overcome them? As a new leaders, who would you go to for assistance in managing conflict in your desired educational setting? Of the approaches to conflict management identified in Chapter 5 of Gorton & […]

Benchmark – Differentiated Learning Activity

Teachers aware of best practices should be able to effectively differentiate instruction and assessment within ELL and bilingual/dual language educational settings based on language differences, giftedness, and special education needs. For this Benchmark assignment, you will create a differentiated learning experience for a group of ELLs or bilingual/dual language students with exceptionalities. Differentiated Learning Activity […]


 READ THESE two discussion questions and provide the answer – you also need to provide two references per answer   Week 7 DQ 1 and 2 Dq1 A doctoral learner has decided to do a phenomenological study for his/her proposed dissertation research study topic because it is believed to be the best approach to address the […]

Student Responses

  READ THESE three student responses to the original question you need to answer each student SEPERATELY – this is for discussion participation credit- Question for Week 6 Imagine you are serving on the board of a for-profit educational services company. Staff communicate to the board their concerns about the transition from foster care to […]

Clinical Field Experience E: Elective Teachers: Formal Teacher Observation

  Elective teachers and teachers in specialized areas present a particular challenge to school administrators. As a principal, you will be asked to observe and evaluate elective teachers. Many times, you may be unfamiliar with the content of the teachers’ lessons. However, the pre-conference, observation, and feedback process must be conducted with fidelity. Allocate at […]

Need Assistance Annotated Bibliographies

Need Assistance Annotated Bibliographies Annotated Bibliographies Topic Using peer-mediated strategies with students with severe disabilities As part of the research paper assignment, students will examine five recent, peer-reviewed research studies related to the topic selected and write a 100-150 word annotation for each study. Each annotation must include the following: Purpose of the study Assumptions […]

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