Social worker

Write a claim for your field of study and prove it. That is essentially a research paper. This is practice for using research in real life. field of study is sociology. I do want to be a social worker so if you could write about that. extra guidelines- Write your paper including citing the sources […]

something basic and eye-catching

Develop an essay that is at least four pages long in which you analyze how and why a particular advertisement functions and persuades consumers to buy the product being advertised. The essay should address the following issues (some of these numbered points could be discussed in the same paragraphs—3&4, 6&7):1) Provide a clear and detailed […]

Racism in Othello

I have attached all of the requirements. Please don’t hesitate to message me any time with any questions at all. Thank you!Throughout Othello, images of dark against light, good against evil prevail as themes.Consider the issue of racism in the play Othello, were many of his problemsexacerbated by his skin colour or would his difficulties […]

Writer’s choice

People in the United States vary widely in their acceptance of the sexual and gender choices and orientations. Recent changes in the legality of same sex marriage, the changing role of women in the military, and increasing awareness of transgender issues have highlighted how much has changed in recent months. Choose one of these sources:Find […]

Look at paper instructions

STUDENT ESSAY: Choose ONE of the essay prompts below * Be creative and interesting!!! We use this essay as a screening tool! Only choose ONE of the prompts below.1. Write about something(s) on your bucket list.2. Write about an idea or concept that makes you lose track of time.3. Write about what makes you happy.4. […]

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