Read Balswick, Fifth Edition, Part 5 (Communication, chapter 13). Then answer the following questions.  Follow the same format and instructions as on Assignment 1.  Note that some answers must be longer than others. 1. In your own experience, what factors in today’s world have increased the individual sense of alienation and loneliness?  2. Discuss […]

Reading Annotations

T ECHNOLOGY The Perils of Using Technology to Solve Other People’s Problems STEPHEN LAM / REUTERS I found Shane Snow’s essay on prison reform — “How Soylent and Oculus Could Fix the Prison System” — through hate-linking. Friends of mine hated the piece so much that normally-articulate people were at a loss for words. What […]


Provide some best practices for conducting a good Biopsychosocial interview and what traps are you trying to avoid? After reading all the components to making a good treatment plan, please discuss where you feel you are going to be the most challenged? How will you handle when client breaks a rule? How do you develop the […]

Eng 1

  Ham’s Redemption was painted by Spanish painter Modesto Brocos in 1895. This work is considered one of the most racist paintings of the nineteenth century, centered around the dangerous belief that blackness was a curse, broken when a generation began to birth white complected children, the ‘whitening of society’ which was perceived as progress. […]

Brainstorming Research Rough Draft- COVID-19 and the Future Impact on Chlldren

   1. List of narrowed ideas from the freewrite activity:  · Warmer ocean temperatures · Melting ice caps · Greenhouse gases · Fossil fuels · Disagreement about whether climate change is real  · How politicians talk about climate change · Electric cars · Policies to reduce cost of electric vehicles · Wind farms · Solar […]


Making Good Use of Your Limited Time Supporting Novice Nurses Sheri Matter, PhD, RN, MSN, MBA, MS, NEA-BC*, Kelly A. Wolgast, DNP, RN KEYWORDS � Novice nurse � Efficiency � Tools � Precepting � Time management � Benner � Stacking � Technology KEY POINTS � Developing a tool kit to provide safe and efficient care […]

Reading Response Journal on Actually 21-40

 Personal note: Read page 21-40 in Actually, since you wrote about Amber in the discussion for this part write about Tom please. Character Analysis Part Deux For this Reading Response Journal, we will continue developing ideas for Es.say Two. In your Discussion Post on Actually I asked for you to develop a character analysis of […]

The cask of amontillado

Paragraph 6-7 sentences I just need the introduction and the first body paragraph for now  THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO BY EDGAR ALLAN POE 77^̂WWYYSS`̀f�f�77TTaaaa]]ee�� COPYRIGHT INFORMATION Short Story: “The Cask of Amontill ado” Author: Edgar Allan Poe, 1809–49 First published: 1846 The original short story is in the public domain in the United States […]

Discussion Post on Actually 1-20

 Read page 1-20 Character Analysis For this discussion post, I would like us to focus on the first twenty pages of the play and what we know of Amber and Tom in these first twenty pages (there’s a lot, I know!). By now, you all have likely realized that the braided narrative and rapid shifts […]


Read Ess Ch. 2, pp. 59 – 89.  What are your experiences of the “privacy paradox” as described in this section of the chapter?  Do you trust the U.S. government to protect your privacy adequately? What evidence can you give that suggests that this trust is warranted or not (you will find some ideas in […]

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