Food crisis

 We are facing overpopulation and a growing food crisis in many parts of the world. After reading your assignments last week, do you think such crises are the result of poor planning, food hoarding, climate change or a combination of all of the above? As you read, some scientists think overpopulation is not the problem […]

Everglades Capstone Project

  By LadyofHats (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons Consider the two example food webs above depicting a terrestrial food web and a marine food web. Notice how interwoven these examples are and direction of the energy flow (from eaten to eater). In the Everglades, a freshwater marsh, terrestrial and freshwater aquatic environments are interconnected. The complexity […]

Clean Water Act

  Some environmental regulations seem to stand alone whereas others act like add-ons. Research the Clean Water Act (CWA) regulations under Section 402, Section 403, and Section 405. Explain how each of these relates to other types of environmental regulations. How did these relationships come about? Why do you think “cleaner” statutes were not written […]

environmental sustainability

Ques2on 1: From a strictly sustainability point of view, explain succinctly the concept of “interdependence” among: environment, society and economy. Use a real world example to show these principle. Ques2on 2: What is the rela2onship between Overfishing and the “Tragedy of the Commons”. Propose a solu2on for this dilemma. Ques2on 3: Explain in detail the […]

Environmental Movement Timeline

The timeline contains at least 10–15 events related to the topic being studied. The timeline can be organized in the following time periods: 1500–1700, 1700–1900, 1900–1950, 1950–2000, 2000–present. You will create a timeline that incorporates important early writing, the first conservation groups, disasters, legislation, community and nonprofit activism, and more. Within each time period, you can […]

Environmental Forensics

Write briefly on the following environmental Forensics tools 1. Aerial and Satellite Photography 2. Age dating releases 3. Identification of sources and pathways 4. Remote Sensing Multi-spectral Surveys 5. Identification of ecological stresses and stressors 6. Contaminant identification 7. Summary distribution of contaminants 8. Laboratory Analysis 9. Source identification and types N.B: For environmental Scientists […]

SWOT Analysis

Tasks: Identify a nonprofit organization. Some examples include Fibershed, Project Drawdown, Greenpeace, Earth Guardians, Cool Effect, Sierra Club, and One Tree Planted. Having identified the nonprofit organization, conduct a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool that dives into an organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats. […]

OSHA Unit I Journal

  Instructions As a leader of an occupational safety and health program, you will be responsible for setting goals that will drive continuous improvement. Do you think having a goal of zero injuries is effective at driving continuous improvement? Include how this goal will support or detract from employee involvement. Your journal entry must be […]


  A. Reduce (Source Reduction) – Describe at least two ways in which you help to reduce the amount of solid waste that you produce and that goes into your garbage container (this may include short-term or long-term actions).  Alternatively, if it is apparent you are not practicing source reduction nor decreasing the amount of […]


You are to locate a published news article dealing with any aspect of animal justice that was written in the past SIX MONTHS. Write a minimum one-page reaction to article. Your reaction must address how the article fits into ONE issue we have discussed this semester AND how it relates to. issue – controversy over […]

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