What is discourse

At least 6 sentences for each answer. I have included slides from lecture as well. 1. What is discourse? How is it different from narrative and story, and what is the relationship amongst the three? Please reference the lecture, Susan Hayward’s book Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts, or other academic resources (so, NO Wikipedia). Do […]

Film & Theater studies

Write a paragraph about a Film that you believe to be existentialist. A few ideas are the films American Beauty, The Truman Show or Fight Club. No citations needed. Has to be 175 words or more

Film & Theater studies

Japanese Cinema In the lecture on 3.11, the instructor suggested the possibility of interpreting Anno Hideaki and Higuchi Shinji’s 2016 film Shin Gojira (Shin Godzilla) in the context of the 3.11 triple disaster in 2011. Discuss how monster films such as Shin Godzilla can be allegorical representations of real-life natural and/or man-made disasters. You are […]

Film & Theater studies

For your final assignment, you are to write a 800 word essay on one of the below film.The Silence of the Lambs-Directed by Jonathan Demme- 1991In many ways, femininity is a hazard throughout The Silence of the Lambs. Using that as a starting point, discuss representations of gender, sexuality and class in this film, focusing on […]

Film & Theater studies

Directions: Answer one of the prompts below in approximately 1200 to 1400 words (about 4 to 4 ½ double-spaced, typed pages). Thesis: A clear thesis statement of your argument is a requirement of this assignment. A thesis statement is not just a topic statement; it does more than state facts or say what your paper […]

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