Geography project

  ACTIVITY OPTIONS Select ​one​ activity option from each of the following categories.    Read the related prompt ​before​ you start. You can find more specific suggested activities on the last page if you’re having trouble with this list. “GET CRITICAL” Select a Geography-related article that is interesting to you (it must be over a […]

The Theory of continental drift.

– Explain the theory of continental drift. Describe and explain at least three lines of evidence that Alfred Wegener used to support his theory of continental drift and the existence of the supercontinent Pangaea. Explain the theory of plate tectonics. How does the theory of plate tectonics help explain the idea of continental drift?  Apply […]


WRITE ABOUT TWO SEPERATE FILMS ONE PAGE EACH! Write at least one page (double-spaced) on your reflections on each film or event, preferably including themes related to what we covered in class. You do not need any citations or a bibliography. This is not to be a summary of the movie or event only. Summaries […]

Geomorphology Lab

In this lab you will use topographic maps and online satellite images to explore the terrain changes on Earth. Please keep in mind, those changes are caused by various geomorphic agents, including running water, ocean waves and tides, wind, glacier, living plants and animals, through their erosion, transportation, and deposition work! In this lab you […]

Carbon Footprints

In this assignment, you will calculate your personal carbon footprint (this includes your home and your personal activities) and that of a small business of your choice. You will discover the impact of the carbon emitted in your personal daily life as well as the impact of the business that you have chosen. You will […]


Look through the information and write up a 500 word summary about the Earthquake you chose.  Remember that the Earthquake should be a magnitude of at least 7 and must have occured on land. Must Include the following information from the USGS . More information from other sources such as impacts and recovery must be obtained from other […]

earth quakes

 Look through the information and write up a 500 word summary about the Earthquake you chose. Remember that the Earthquake should be a magnitude of at least 7 and must have occured on land.Must Include the following information from the USGS site. More information from other sources such as impacts and recovery must be obtained from other […]

earth science

  Assignment #3: One of the greatest mysteries of all time is how life originated on Planet Earth.  Even the most basic and primitive cells are incredibly sophisticated and complex mini-universes that defy explanation as to how they formed.  Did life come from space, or did it appear spontaneously here on Earth? Is the origin of life unique to […]

astronomy assignment

 PLEASE DOT THIS PROJECT ON SPACE DEBRIS Astronomy Research Presentation   Description: You will individually research a specific area of research in astronomy using reliable/academic sources. You will then put your findings together and record a PowerPoint presentation using zoom (5-10 minutes). Please follow the instructions on how to record using zoom in this video. […]

American Military University GEOG 101 Week 3 quiz Latest

   Question 1 of 25 According to figure 6.10, pg. 297, which of the following countries does not contain a portion of the Amazon Basin cultural region? A. Argentina B. Venezuela C. Columbia D. Brazil Question 2 of 25 The Tordesillas line was drawn to separate the colonial territories of what two European nations? A. […]

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