THE QUESTION IS IN THE ATTACHMENT RECORD AUDIO IN POWERPOINT OPTION SHOULD BE SELECTED PSCI 600 Research Paper or Presentation: Comparative Process Assignment Instructions Overview This Research Paper or Presentation: Comparative Process Assignment builds on the introduction to the comparative approach we explored earlier in the Research Paper: Comparative Approach Assignment, by further developing the […]


THE QUESTION IS IN THE ATTACHMENT… TWO SEPERATE ASSIGNMENT  PADM 530 Case Study: Jurisdiction Declaration Assignment Instructions Overview You will prepare for Case Study by completing the template which is labeled Case Study: Jurisdiction Declaration Template expressing your intent to apply the theories of community economic developments to decision making and project management. The template […]


In reviewing this module’s question, incorporate your understanding of economic development. Also consider any experiences and what you have observed in your community. Select an economic development project in your community. The project must have been implemented and/or completed within the past 10 years. Provide background about the project and the intended economic benefits.  In […]

American Federal Government

Instructions: You must write an essay (1000 words minimum) in which you address the following two questions or topics: The fundamental values that inform how are democratic government is legitimated and organized are enshrined on the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution of the United States. 1. Identify and discuss the basic ideals and […]

Intro: Chapter One

  Let’s start by reading the Introduction to the book and Chapter One by January 25.  After you complete this reading assignment, please offer a written summary of what you’ve read and your interpretation of the material.  Additionally, at the end of your critique, please submit at least one question posed by the reading that you’d […]


THE QUESTION IS IN THE ATTACHEMENT PADM 530 Article Review Assignment Instructions Overview You will write two article reviews based on the designated articles located in the Learn folder as assigned. You will assess values and conflicts of interest that emerge during the economic development process. Each article review will summarize and critique the author’s […]


THE QUESTION IS IN THE ATTCHMENT PSCI 600 Research Paper: Comparative Approach Assignment Instructions Overview Comparative politics is concerned with the important quest to understand why things are the way they are. For example, we seek to discover why ideas and cultural values have the impact they have, why some nations prosper, and others do […]

Discussion: To Collaborate or Not?

  To Collaborate…or Not? No unread replies.No replies. This kick-off discussion starts us off with a basic question underlying this course: to collaborate or not? Collaboration can be a smart leadership and management strategy, yet it is not always wise. This discussion is designed to help the class start to think through whether to collaborate […]

Discussion: Unfinished Business

  Here’s an interesting article I ran across and thought I’d share with you.  It does a really good job of framing what we’re going to talk about this semester in this class.   I’ve included a link to the article below.  Read it, then offer a brief critique of it (one page but no more […]

What kind of injuries can be sustained under the Fires warfighting function?

 What kind of injuries can be sustained under the Fires warfighting function?   Make sure to read on the instructions on responding to another student.  ARMY HEALTH SYSTEM DISCUSSION (AHS) Purpose To demonstrate an understanding of the AHS Warfighting Functions. Background Information The Army Health System (AHS) is a component of the Military Health System that […]

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