Distinguishing the role of the local, state and national policy makers.

1. Discuss and analyze policy issues that surround public and private healthcare.2. Describe the role of managed care and prospective payment as incentives for hospital efficiency.3. Explain the government interventions used to promote the safety of the population in the nursing home industry.Create a visual depiction using any tool you wish (graphs, charts, figures, pictures […]

CMS outreach and education; healthcare: a right or a privilege?; and universal health care.

Please respond to both topics/questions in your initial post:(CMS): Health insurance plans are often complex and understanding insurance and billing in the healthcare field involves research skills.Visit the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) website, go to “Outreach & Education,” and choose one topic that is of interest to you.Then, explain why you chose […]

Oral Explanation of Benefits

Assignment: Oral Explanation of BenefitsUnit Outcomes addressed in this assignment:Define key terms.Provide examples of a statute, regulation, and case law.Summarize federal legislation and regulations that affect health care.Explain the concept of medical necessity.List and explain HIPAA’s provisions.Course Outcomes addressed in this assignment:HS215-1: Follow basic principles and guidelines of major insurance programs when submitting insurance claims.PC-2.3: […]

Greatest Pioneers of Healthcare Quality

1. Ernest Codman, 2. Avedis Donabedian, Describe two or more pioneers of quality improvement. Include the following:Their major contributions to the field.Explain how their contributions positively impacted quality.Explain how their influence still impacts quality improvement today in their area of expertise.Discuss how these early pioneers’ work could be expanded upon to improve quality in a […]


Trace the origin of a current health care quality effort (vaccinations, increased hand-washing, etc) to its origin using a brief outline format.

Cost containment with quality improvement.

Imagine that you have been asked to develop a new quality improvement program to address cost containment in your facility. Prepare a memo to the Board of Directors that proposes cost containment projects that reduce facility costs as well as improve quality.Instructions:In the memo, discuss why there is a need to balance cost containment with […]

Nursing shortages

InstructionsResearch Topic and OutlineThe final project for this course is a Research Paper. The first two assignments will help you find the tools needed to prepare and gradually build your final research paper. The research paper for this course will be argumentative. The argumentative research paper requires you to take a position on an issue […]

The Challenges Faced by Underserved Populations in the Community.

Create a PowerPoint presentation with at least eight (8) slides of content that you can use to inform your organization about the challenges faced by underserved populations in the community.Choose a minority, marginalized, or vulnerable population.Describe at least two challenges they face with accessing and moving through the healthcare system (uninsured, underinsured, low literacy, language […]

Week #9 Artificial Intelligence Paper Writer’s choice

Discuss the challenges and concerns using Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare from the assigned readings this week.

Week #9 Artificial Intelligence Discussion

Discuss the challenges and concerns using Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare from the assigned readings this week.

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