The American Health Information Management Association

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is an association of Health Information Management professionals whose mission is to be “the professional community that improves healthcare by advancing best practices and standards for health information management and the trusted sourced for education, research and professional credentialing” ( The association provides its members educational training and […]

Assessment of Financial Health

Reocities Home Neighborhoods Making Of Cases in Finance – Final Project Report Friendly Cards, Inc. (1988) Gary Cao Noah N Flom Robert Harris Srini Pidikiti May 1997 TABLE of CONTENTS 1 Assessment of Financial Health & Pro Forma Financial Statements 1. 1 Review of History and Statement of Financial Health 1. 1. 1 Industry 1. […]

Patellar Vs Hamstring Tendon Grafts Health And Social Care Essay

Long rubric: Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone Grafts are a More Efficient Surgical Technique than Hamstringing Tendon Grafts in ACL Reconstruction Surgery Abstraction The paper compares the consequences of multiple published articles about the advantages and disadvantages between bone-patellar tendon-bone transplants and hamstring tendon transplants for the Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament ( ACL ) . There […]

Comparison Of Good Clinical Practices Health And Social Care Essay

Good Clinical Practices are some of the guidelines to be purely followed while carry oning clinical tests on human topics. There are different GCPs which are fundamentally similar guaranting the well being of topics, and besides good and ethical behavior of clinical surveies of new drugs every bit good as approved drugs. Assorted calamities such […]

Healthy Life

Healthy life is a very important thing in our lives. We should watch what we eat. We should look at the nutrition label whenever we buy food and drinks. The most important thing on healthy life is exercise. Living healthy is very relaxing. The best thing to do if you want to live healthy is […]

FDA Steps up Oversight on Medical Apps

When the U.S. Food & Drug Administration sent a warning letter to an Indian app developer in late May, entrepreneurs in this country took notice. The FDA warned Biosense Technologies Private Ltd. that its app—which is designed to work with a urine-testing kit—is actually a medical device, and therefore it must be cleared by the […]

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