Iran Iraq War (700 Words) What was the reason behind the war? -How long did the war last?  – What were the outcomes? – Casualties from both sides? – What was the after math?  – Who were the presidents from both countries at that time? – Was it a successful leadership? – Did the war serve its […]


times new roman font 12  WPA American Slave Narratives Assignment – Prompt and Guidelines In the 1930’s, different historians, folklorists, and others as a part of the Works Progress Administration, made a point to interview the aging population of black Americans who were alive before the Civil War and remembered slavery. They collected more than […]


refer to the attached document (Kaitlyn)I quite literally had to read the first few pages of this chapter about 3 times to be able to understand fully why the war had started. My understanding is that an evil goddess named Eris was mad that she did not get invited to the marriage ceremony of King […]

1870s-1880s: Robber Barons vs Captains of Industry

Explain the terms “robber baron” and “captain of industry” within the context of the time. Which side do you tend to fall on and why? Evaluate the actions taken by various Robber Barons/Captains of industry of the time, how did they monopolize their industries?  During this period, what role did the government and courts play […]

Haymarket Affair Assignment

How did the outcome of the case reflect the relationship between industry and the courts at the time? Can you link to the events of jurisprudence now in our contemporary world?  Why was the Haymarket a set back for the American labor movement? What kind of discrimination or political disadvantage came from the events?  What […]

Music Appreciation 1030

Discussion Board forum.  Why do you think we discuss Western art music (what most people would typically call Classical music) according to historical periods but we do not generally discuss other types of music, such as folk or ethnic music, in this way?  Please note that there are two versions of “O Fortuna” on the […]

great depression

  Choose from ONE of the following topics and write about. Remember to follow the instructions and formatting described. 1)    What factors conspired to propel the United States to emerge as a military and economic powerhouse prior to World War II? OR 2)    What new opportunities did the war present for women and African Americans? […]

History question

DUE BY MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! that’s in 3 hours. If you can’t do it before then please dont bid or say you can. The Humanities encompass many disciplines, including literature, art, philosophy, architecture, religion, drama, music, history, etc. If you see something in the readings from one of those areas that interests you, feel free to […]


American Girl Hostage Crisis Wanda runs a small day care facility out of her home. Wanda’s husband Jack was recently laid off and forced to accept a lower paying job. Wanda and her husband now depend more on the day care home income than they did in the past. Lately, she has had a problem […]


Historians have to grapple with the multiple causes of events. In the historiography of the Haitian Revolution, historians were long split between the Revolution being driven by external factors—such as the view of R. R. Palmer that the events in Haiti were an outgrowth of the French Revolution—and arising out of internal factors—such as the view of C. L. […]

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