Note- Answer should be based from attached books and each answer should be at least 150 words. 1- Each person has four areas of potential growth.  What are the four areas of potential growth?  How can you develop your potential in each area? 2- Proper nutrition, physical exercise, and rest are needed for a healthy […]

Can you help me with homework? Due Wednesday, January 25, 2023

All criteria attached  Kotter Change Management Model There are two parts to this assignment. Part One: Identify a change that you implemented or was implemented at an organization with which you are familiar. Instructions: Write a 1–2-page paper. Based on the two articles you read in the discussion preparation, discuss what impact an organization’s corporate culture […]


In this online course, the goal is to discuss current topics just as we would in a traditional classroom setting. Though the two are similar, in the online environment – your comments should be carefully reviewed, researched, and crafted before responding. Your comments need to be thoughtful and respectful of others. Differences will occur. Your […]

CBT, Humanistic, and Crisis Interventions

300 words  Stepney and Davis (Chapter 5) identify the importance of working with clients to understand their thoughts and emotions. Cognitive Behavioral theory argues that clients have “core beliefs” that are influential and impactful in how they experience the world. The humanistic perspective emphasizes empathy and seeing the good in people. In crisis intervention we […]

Unit 5 Complete

1200 words MINIMUM (not including cover/reference pages or questions) Requirement is at least four scholarly articles, ONE maybe the course textbook BELOW Textbook(s) Gerhart, B. A., & Newman, J. M. (2020). Compensation (13th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education UNIT5 Complete 1.Distinguish between nationwide and industrywide pay determination. How do they compare to a business strategy-market approach? 2. […]

5340-U3D1 Theoretical Practice Models

See attached.  5340-U3D1 Theoretical Practice Models Theoretical Practice Models • There are a wide range of organizational management theories. Theories generally address the application of concepts or beliefs to the roles of managers and employees, the values and goals of the organization, and the practical application of abstract concepts to real- world situations. • In […]

5340-U3D2 Responsive Leadership: Motivating for Participation

See attached.  5340-U3D2 Responsive Leadership: Motivating for Participation Responsive Leadership: Motivating for Participation • Your Responsive Leadership in Social Services textbook addresses a number of elements that have been identified through research as having a significant impact on leadership and work environments. These factors include trust, integrity, respect, empathy, and safety. Your textbook also covers […]

5320-U3D2 Ethical and Cultural Factors

See attached. 1/22/2023 Riverbend City: Dual Relationships 1/5 Riverbend City ® Activity Navigating Cultural Differences Introduction Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Conclusion Credits Introduction The real world abounds with complicated situations where ethical behavior requires careful judgment. In this activity, you will assume the role of a case manager at Curt Swann Middle […]

5320-U3D1 System Culture

See attached.  129 CHAPTER 6 Conflict: The Reality of “Being Ethical” Within the Real World Ms. Wicks: Hi, Tom it is me again. Mr. Harolds: Hey, how are you? Did you get that information from the state association? Ms. Wicks: Not yet. They are supposed to call me. But, things are getting more confusing . […]

need in 14 hours

 apa format 1-2  paragraphs references need in 14 hours! Speculate on three reasons why employees leave an organization and three reasons why employees stay. Outline a retention strategy that HR could use to reduce the number of employees who leave an organization for the three reasons you identified. Be intentional or specific with your strategy […]

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