Find an older adult to interview (neighbor, your grandparents, faculty on campus, anyone 65+) to discuss what their perceptions are of smart homes

Find an older adult to interview (neighbor, your grandparents, faculty on campus, anyone 65+) to discuss what their perceptions are of smart homes, detail what you spoke about.Tell us what you found: What do they think? How do they feel about being surrounded by sensors and smart technology?Would you recommend a smart home to your […]

Representation of Animals

I have attached full instructions given by my professor. But basically this is a humanities course called “Animals from Sacred to Endangered” and the entire point of the class is how animals are represented in the human world, whether we manipulate/harm them, etc. This paper should be written on the representation of animals in a […]


See Attachment as well InstructionsAfter reviewing the recommended research about your selected historical figure, you will use the provided template to write a two-page essay about their leadership skills and how they might play out in today’s workplace. In your essay, you will provide a rationale for your selection, some background on the selected individual, […]

Cultural Activity Report

Cultural Activity ReportClick the linked activity title to access Assignment 3: Cultural Activity Report. a museum or art gallery before the end of Week 9 (Option 1, details below). If you are unable to get to a museum or gallery within your area, then a “create your own museum” assignment can be completed in its […]

Art of Humanities

See attached document for instructionsPaper 1: On ArchitectureLearning Objectives:  This assignment is alligned with the following course learning objectives:Demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking.Recognize the relationships between cultural expressions and their contexts.Understand cultural expressions.Interpret and evaluate cultural artifacts and/or their contexts for significance.Understand the cultural significance of [local architectural production]. Instructions:After studying the assigned material on architecture […]

Did the Hebrews Build the Pyramids?

Ancient MysteriesClick the linked activity title to access Assignment 1: Ancient Mysteries.Choose one of the topics below that explore an ancient mystery and develop an essay which adequately addresses the topic you have chosen.Who Built the Pyramids?There have been many theories regarding how the pyramids at Giza were constructed. Most experts agree that they were […]

Writer’s choice

exactly how the assignment say please with introduction , reference and quotation. the book is landmarks in humanities 1020 edition 5 and I think essay mean put everything one paper with all the quatation and conclusion PLEASE ANY QUESTION CALL OR EMAIL THIS IS IMPORTAN FOR ME IF YOU DONT SEE THE FILE EMAIL PLEASE […]

See Paper Instructions

How has the social order failed Willy Loman in his search for the American Dream? (200 words minimum)How has Willy Loman failed in his search for the American Dream? (200 words minimum)Please address the readings and learning modules as part of your response. Avoid, phrases such as: “I think,” “to me,” “in my opinion,” and […]

Weber’s conceptual framework-See Paper Instructions

In paragraph format address the following: Weber’s conceptual framework for understanding race, class, gender, and sexuality outlines the way in which the politics of identity functions in our larger social order allowing for some to be privileged in terms of the American Dream and others denied based on race, class, gender, and sexuality. Addressing each […]

Janie’s American Dream-See Paper Instructions

Driving thought…Janie’s American Dream is a Dream fundamentally linked to her realization of selfhood and an organic union with another in a period when women, especially women of color, are forced to accept traditional expectations of womanhood both confining and subservient. Defend the above addressing the following points:1) Janie’s American Dream and her search for […]

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