UWTSD have decided to virtualise its central IT operation and to build a virtualised Data Centre to

Please read the scenario above and write a research report on your recommended architecture for UWTSD. The research should mainly focus on but not limited to the technicalaspects of virtualisation, especially type 1 hypervisors, design, scalability, physical limitations and external considerations for virtualised implementations and architectures,SAN (infrastructure if required), security, secure energysupply and sustainability

ABC Data Ltd. is an organisation that has 3 physical data centres offering a single rce

Please read the scenario above and based on your understanding of Virtualisation Technology andData Centre Infrastructure Management, you need to write a report on the importance of securitypolicy and its influences on the organisational design at ABCData Ltd. The report should also include how SAN can help ABC Data Ltd. to protect their data from […]

Fancy Bear (APT28)

if you are presenting on an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), your presentation should cover who the group is, how long they’ve been on the radar/on the scene, what are their goals, method of attack, where (what country) they have originated from or are attributed to, and relevant information. Nation-state actors such as Fancy Bear (APT28) […]

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