Chapter 13 Questions A researcher wishes to test the hypothesis that parental incarceration is a risk factor for lifetime incarceration of the adult children of incarcerated parents. She measures parental incarceration as had a parent in prison; Did not have a parent in prison and adult children’s incarceration as incarcerated; Not incarcerated. Identify the independent […]


 Chapter 14 Questions You learned in this chapter that the key advantage of bivariate regression over correlation is that regression can be used for prediction. Explain this period how is it that regression can be used to predict values not in the data set, but correlation cannot? Identify the two criteria that a dependent variable […]


For this assignment, students will research (3) Peer Reviewed Scholarly articles on any criminal justice topic that utilizes any of the statistical methods we have learned in this course.  After reading and reviewing the article the student will produce a written summary of each of the three articles.  The summary for each should contain: An […]

Patriot Act & Homeland Security Act and Cyber Crime

    Patriot Act & Homeland Security Act and Cyber Crime Prior to beginning work on this discussion read the Fong and Delaney (2013) (Links to an external site.) article and the Mitchell and Pate online resource (Links to an external site.) . The destruction of the World Trade Towers, the attack on the Pentagon, and the crashing […]

Constitutional Issues-Right to Privacy

  Constitutional Issues – Right to Privacy Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the Smith (2013) (Links to an external site.) and Kerr (2012) (Links to an external site.) articles and watch the Privacy protection in today’s society video segment below: The 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has traditionally applied to tangible materials: home, car, […]

Mass Shootings

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 9 and 10 from the textbook. Additionally, read the US Department of Justice and US Department of Education report, Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2019 (Links to an external site.) . As you learn in the readings, media reports of school crime tend to create misconceptions […]

Criminal Justice

1. Review the Incident Action Plan Excel file. 2. Explain why having access to this tool and knowing how to use it will enhance your ICS knowledge. The Microsoft Excel file is the preferred version to use.  However, there are numerous electronic versions of the ICS forms available including apps in Google Play and the […]


  Instructions: This assignment will address prior and possible current threats to the assets in the environment (used in this project). NOTE: If you conduct research on your environment and are unable to find any history of actual previous threats then project the types of threats that could have existed previously in your chosen environment. […]

APA style 10 slide powerpoint – American Law

Select either female offenders or offenders with mental health disorders for this assessment. Research the historical context for treatment of your selected population as well as their special needs. Review the literature on treatment programs intended for your population. Select a program that has empirical support for its effectiveness. Your selected program should be relevant […]

Week 7

The research paper should address Police Recruitment and Retention Follow the required outline for the final research paper: 1.  Introduction – what is the theory or thesis and what is the importance of this topic? 2.  Review of the relevant literature of the topic. 3. What are the relevant issues and what is/are the logical, […]

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