Family Law/ Children’s Rights in a Divorce in America

I have uploaded a Abstract for the paper and an outline.Introduction History of marriage and societal adoption of divorceHistory of legal changes with Children in divorce in America The difference between Federal law protecting children rights in divorce between State law within divorce ( Actual case examples )II. Constant Societal Changes in America leading to children’s rights […]

Stand your ground policy

   Overview In this class, you have been exposed to a myriad of criminal justice-related issues. This research paper assignment offers you the opportunity to propose practical solutions to recent and relevant policy issues in the area of either police, courts, or corrections. You will analyze and synthesize how these solutions fit into the worldview […]


  The birth, proliferation, and integration of social media into our society is now complete. Indeed, many of us rely on social media not only for updates from our friends, but also for news, events, entertainment, information, and social interactions. Law enforcement is also using social media. In fact, social media has given law enforcement […]


  The Romanesque and Gothic eras saw a return to grand architectural achievements since the Ancient World.  The Romanesque style originated in Italy, the Gothic in France, yet both styles spread throughout Europe at a rapid pace. Compare and contrast the Romanesque and Gothic building techniques: Describe the Romanesque style of architecture, including artistic decorations […]


Locate information on the Lawrence v Texas, a Supreme Court case decided a few years ago. What do you think of this decision? Should the government be involved in criminalizing private morals? Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitutional issues? Why or why not? Will there be any unintended consequences from […]

chairperson of a presidential commission

  2-3 page paper (Word doc) (not counting the reference page )that addresses the following:  What if you were the chairperson of a presidential commission to reform the federal court system; what would your recommendations be? Please list five recommendations and why you think they’re important.   Please use the following additional specifications— -size 12 point […]

Interview Questions

Create 16-20 law related questions to ask a Customs and Border Protection Officer using link provided. That list should include questions about frequent criminal law issues encountered, any problems under our current system, and any areas which may need reform. Focus your questions on the law related aspects of the person’s job. Please take […]

Need for a Juvenile Justice System

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: The punitive model focuses on the best interests of the society rather than that of a juvenile. It advocates that society needs to be protected from the culprit. This premise is aligned with the adult criminal justice system. This approach of the juvenile justice system […]

Juvenile vs. Adult Justice System Paper

Scenario: You are interviewing for a position as a law enforcement officer who is expected to interact regularly with juveniles and adults. The hiring committee wants to choose a candidate who can write clearly and who demonstrates a solid understanding of standard procedures in the juvenile versus criminal justice systems.  Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper comparing the procedures that law enforcement officers and courts should follow when interacting with juveniles versus adults during the stages of intake, prosecution, adjudication, and disposition.  Choose 1 of the following videos from the University Library of a court session to use as an […]

Case Study

Instructions In this assignment, conduct a case study of Kent v. United States, In re Gault, and In re Winship. These three landmark Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) cases significantly affected the due process rights of juveniles. The case study must include the following components: You are required to use the sources of […]

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