Leadership Studies

See attachedRun Tunitin reportIn the Module 1 Case, you will write Chapter 1 of your thesis-style paper – relating to the Structural Frame. Using specific examples of “structure” as defined by Bolman and Deal, you will use the Structural Frame as a lens through which you will analyze the effectiveness of the Walt Disney Company.Begin […]

Leadership Studies

See AttachedRun Tunitin reportName:____________________LEADERSHIP ORIENTATIONSThis questionnaire asks you to describe yourself as a manager and leader. For each item, give thenumber “4” to the phrase that best describes you, “3” to the item that is next best, and on down to “1” forthe item that is least like you.1. My strongest skills are:__3___ a. Analytic […]

How to improve team climate

1 page on “How to improve team climate”Present the steps in a logical order and propose a date by which these steps could be completed if your team were to stay together. Setting a realistic completion date is an essential part of any action plan.The format for this SLP is as follows, Introduction, Body of […]

Conduct a personal evaluation of your team.

See attachedPlease run a tunitin report because the last two papers were plagiarizedFor this Module 4 Case Assignment, you will complete the following:Conduct a personal evaluation of your team.In reality, you have been assessing the team all the way through the course, but in this Case, you are going to condense your analysis into a […]

Norms are implicit

Please see the attached documentIn this module, the comment was made that norms are implicit and tend to develop over time. However, it was also observed that virtual teams cannot afford the luxury of such a passive process and need to take proactive steps to establish explicit norms.Case AssignmentIn this Case, you are asked to consider ways a virtual […]


Identify how the norm “Open-mindedness” operates in a team. What problems/limitations can you run across due to a lack of “open-mindedness” governing your team’s behavior?Did you try anything to overcome the obstacles? How did it work?What norms can a team establish to improve “open-mindedness” to make your work go more smoothly?


See AttachedOn the home page of this module, six different management and team competencies/conditions were described. In this case, you will reflect on how these competencies/conditions act either alone or with others, to create task and interpersonal connection.Case AssignmentRead the following article:Lii, A. T., Alsever, J., Hempel, J., & Roberts, D. (2014). The new teamwork. Fortune, […]

How to establish task and interpersonal connection

How to establish task and interpersonal connection on a virtual team to accomplish an assignment? Be specific and incorporate the concepts for building task and interpersonal connectedness.The paper should have an Introduction, Main Body with Subsections, Conclusions, and a Reference Page. Use APA style for citations and references.Be sure to take an analytical approach.


ListenReadSpeaker webReader: ListenFocusModule 1 – CaseThe Case Assignments for this course are tightly coordinated with the SLP and the Discussion assignments. In this Case Assignment, you will be considering the more conceptual topics that will guide you in structuring your team and its work. Your task is to apply what you learn from preparing the Cases […]


Assignment OverviewIn the Module 4 SLP, we will explore your target organization’s culture, and determine the extent to which culture relates to the success of your organization’s strategic choices.Write a 3- to 4-page paper in which you address the following:After completing some research concerning the culture of your selected organization, discuss assess the extent to which your […]

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