Leadership Distinctive Project

Most of us start out on life’s journey full of optimism and high hopes.  Life is magical; everyday is an exciting new adventure.  We get up everyday and go about our daily businesses, yet many times we do this without understanding why we are here, and what we were created for. This is because instead […]

Leadership In Action

A.  Introduction The paper to be shown herein particularly highlights the leadership skills of an IT Operation’s Team Chief in a Call Center Agency.  Call Centers are primarily known for assisting clients in facing troubleshooting issues with the client’s computer-operating procedures. Through a phone call from the client, the agents are able to connect themselves […]

Reflective Leadership Plan

A person with average charisma can be a superior leader. I consider myself to be a leader with average charisma and I am set on changing the world. I am a leader who has an exceptional relationship with my followers and it goes beyond setting goals, using resources, and conducting business (Nahavandi, 2006). My students […]

Toxic Leadership

Most often throughout the military negative leadership occurs within organization regardless of ranks and unit structure. The most common negative leadership that is displayed amongst leaders is toxic leadership. Army leaders accept the responsibility to develop and lead others to achieve results. A recent survey done by the United States Army confirms what most knowledgeable […]

A Unique Leadership Solution for Project Managers

There is a plethora of literature dedicated to underpin the differences between leaders and managers, but what is missing there is an equal quest for finding solutions for situations where project managers need to “lead” the project proceedings in spite of not being empowered to do so. Caught between the demand of the situation and […]

The Concept of Leadership

Introduction : Leadership is an ability to understand that the various human beings have the various motivation implications according to time and in various situations. This is the crown of a person by which glimpse of his personality not only attracts the others but also provide them a unique line to follow up. And in […]

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