personal belive

Now that you’ve done some prep work and looked at examples, it’s time to write your essay. Following the APA formatting guidelines as described in the UMGC Library Citing and Writing Portal, set up your paper defaults and create a cover sheet. You will double-space this essay and all your work going forward (unless directed […]

Conduct Quantitative Analysis

Step 1: First download the Excel template course file and use it to set up your spreadsheet. This step will help you set up your basic view to prepare for using several tools.2: After you’ve formatted and set up your basic view and saved the spreadsheet with your name, you’re ready to move to the […]

Trouble in the Truss Construction Shop

In this first step, you will prepare to respond to your boss’s request for an analysis of a problem in your organization. You realize that this will require careful thinking. So, you need to take time to review the process of critical thinking and problem analysis, as well as key habits of master thinkers and […]


I have a research paper that is complicated. Is just 3 pages, no introduction, no abstract, only resources and the pages In previous steps, you studied organizational behavior, and then the team chose a case and agreed to a project plan. Now it is time to do a closer read of the chosen case and do […]

Career SMART Goal

As MBA students, you are career-directed professionals constantly striving to strike a practical work-life balance. You may not always have the time or resources to manage your career effectively. The following resources will serve as basis to develop your career goal or goals:Career ExplorationCareer Planning and ChangingIndividual Career ManagementCareer GoalSTEP 1For this step, think about […]

Skill GAP Analysis

The preliminary leadership development plan allowed you to identify and develop a plan to help you achieve one long-term career goal. Step 2 will introduce you to a skills gap analysis, which will assess your specific skills as they pertain to each of the four course projects and help you identify the skill areas you […]

Situation Audit

Step 4: Analyze Organizational Strategy and ObjectivesWhile it is important to have a clearly defined and well-understood mission, along with key goals, vision, and values, success is unlikely without corresponding actions guided by an organizational strategy with measurable objectives.Your audit should include a brief overview of your organization’s strategy. Remember, this report will be used […]

Leadership, governance, and management

4-7 sources• critical resources—2 to 3 pages; see Step 7• leadership, governance, and management—2 to 3 pages; see Step 8Step 7: Analyze Critical ResourcesNow that you’ve examined your organization’s big picture—MVGOs, size, and structure—you’re going to analyze the critical resources of your organization for inclusion in your report.Critical ResourcesAs you analyze your organization’s critical resources, […]

Evaluate Strengths and Weaknesses

see attachedstrengths and weaknesses—1 to 2 pages; see Step 9learning and change—1 to 2 pages; see Step 10conclusions and recommendations—1 page; see Step 11references—not included in page limitaddenda—if needed, is not included in page limitexecutive summary—1 page; not included in page limit Step 9: Evaluate Strengths and WeaknessesAn analysis evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, […]

Team PowerPoint Project

Your CEO has tasked your team to prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation on implementing virtual, multicultural, geographically distributed teams in your organization. This report will be presented to the board of directors, and your team needs to work together to produce the report quickly and efficiently. Your team’s presentation should span 12 to 15 slides […]

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