Capella University ACHE Healthcare Executive Competencies Assessment Tool Paper

Create a presentation (15-20 slides) to prepare department heads for training their staff on the organization’s new compliance approach. Address the compliance content that department heads will need to convey and best practices for delivery of the compliance training. Introduction At this point in your academic career, you know that health care is a heavily […]

Capella University Health & Medical Questions

Write a workplace brief (8-10 double-spaced pages) of evidence-based recommendations to identify and address upcoding, an incorrect health care billing practice. Include a description of the major categories of health care fraud and abuse and the laws designed to address them. Introduction Health care leaders must be familiar with laws, regulations, and the associated organizational […]

Capella University Health & Medical Questions

Prepare a workplace brief (8-10 double-spaced pages) to address a privacy breach that occurred in a health care organization. Include the consequences of failure to act and evidence-based recommendations for addressing the breach. Introduction Health care is one of the most heavily regulated major industries in the United States. Leaders are challenged to stay current […]

Purdue University Global Cultural Competence Health & Medical Questions

Based upon current evidence-based research, explain how cultural competence improves health outcomes. Identify the differences between cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, and cultural competence. Discuss why geographic regions, such as Appalachia, are often associated with a particular culture. Below is a list of five cultural factors that can have a significant impact on health outcomes. For […]

Ashford University Evidence-Based Management Plan Essay

MN585-1: Demonstrate a consistent approach to the evaluation and management of illnesses and conditions for the frail elderly patients presenting in the primary care setting. MN585-3: Formulate an evidence-based management plan for the frail elderly patients in the primary care setting with acute, episodic, and chronic illnesses, taking consideration of gender, culture, and ethnicity. Purpose […]

Grand Canyon University Healthcare Essay

For this assignment, write an essay (1,000-1,500 words) that addresses the following: 1. Select a business unit within the health care industry that you currently work in or desire to work in:   Hospital   Nursing home   Health care clinic 2. Explain the various roles and structures in finance within your selected unit. Who makes accounting decisions? Why? 3. Explain […]

Data Warehouse Website Paper

Complete the HRSA Data Warehouse Website Activity and Reflection Read about the HRSA Data website and what it does here: Explore the rest of the tabs on the site. Watch the “How-To Video: Find a Health Center Locator Tool” tutorial found at the following link: Explore some data by selecting Clark County, Nevada […]

Ashford University Hypertension Management in the Older Adult Discussion

Topic: Hypertension Management in the Older Adult Hypertension is a common condition in older adults. Older adults benefit from the treatment of their hypertension, but special considerations need to be given before initiating pharmacological therapy due to the risk of increased complications. Discuss two strategies that you will use when initiating antihypertensive therapy in the […]

Grand Canyon University Designer Babies and Stem Cells Discussion

Comment this I enjoyed reading your post! I found your comment about humans beings being stewards of God because God gives life, to be very interesting. I had never thought about life in that way. Thinking in those terms really switches the focus from “me” to what can I do to please God, in other […]

Grand Canyon University Issue of Bioethics Discussion

Comment this You brought up a great point here, that God would bless and love a child brought into the world using the “designer baby” method. I do think there could be a place and a time for this, but with our healthcare improving and our abilities to treat complex diseases improving, is this really […]

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