Interview a Clinician Working with Families in Crisis

InstructionsAfter reviewing the materials for this week, interview a clinician in your community (e.g., MFT, Psychologist) who works with families in crisis, preferably in an area of particular interest to you. Be sure to ask the clinician the questions below in order to address them in your paper:Could you describe what you consider to be […]

Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence, and Abuse

Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence, and AbuseThis week, you will learn how to assess, identify, and intervene in situations related to intimate partner violence (IPV), domestic violence, and abuse. These types of violence impact people from all socio-economic backgrounds, all racial and ethnic groups, and members of both heterosexual and same-sex relationships. Domestic violence can […]

Evaluate experimental strategies

Evaluate experimental strategies for investigating neural circuits that mediate memory storage and retrieval. Choose examples from at least two of the following kinds of memory: spatial, episodic, motor and fear. “Evaluate experimental strategies for investigating neural circuits that mediate memory storage and retrieval. Choose examples from at least two of the following kinds of memory; […]

environmental sustainability

n this unit, you became familiar with environmental sustainability efforts by industry including conventional and new renewable energy alternatives.For this assignment, you will write an essay describing a fossil fuel (coal, oil, or natural gas), a conventional energy alternative (nuclear power, bioenergy, or hydroelectric power), and a renewable energy source (solar or wind). There may […]

Activity calander

use the the worksheet and calendar to write a narrative essay Double spaced 12pt fontQuestionsCommentsWere activities appropriate for the chosen population? LTCPresentation of calendar (looks)Creative, cheerful, inviting, easy to readAre there themed activities offered?Family oriented activities?  (how many?) during monthVariety of activities in cognitive domain weekly (how many?)Variety of activities in physical domainexercise, fitness, health […]

multisensory stimulation

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to professional journals/ evidence -based articles focused in the field of TR. Demonstrate critical thinking skills related to the topic in TR. Students will find three articles that are related to one intervention found in chapter 9.For each article,Name of article:Objective/purpose of the studyKeywords in the […]

“The ‘Now’ Wedding-Part A and Part B”

Read Case 9.6 “The ‘Now’ Wedding-Part A and Part B” of your textbook, and imagine that you are in charge of planning the wedding discussed in the case.After reading the case, address the following prompts based on the case details.Determine and describe the known and unknown risks that may prevent the wedding from taking place […]

project closure process

InstructionsThinking about your chosen project for this course, please respond to the prompts below.Select at least two parts of your project that it would make sense to outsource. Explain why you chose these two parts.Which parts of your project have the best chance of staying on schedule? Which parts are you concerned about keeping on […]

How well is Scrum working

Read Case 15.1 “Introducing Scrum at P2P- Part A and Part B” in your textbook.After reading Part A of the case, answer the following questions based on the case details.How well is Scrum working?What are the issues confronting the Big Foot project?Assume you are Kendra. What would you want to say at the retrospective? How […]

Reflection Essay on Essay 1 and Essay 2 (that I recently requested)

Write a reflection of a minimum of 800 to a maximum of 1000 words about how you accomplished Essay1 (writing a paper on organ donation and the new Donor Act) and Essay2 (answering the learning goals on the impact of physical exercise). I recently ordered both of these essays via the service (so ideally, the […]

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