Philosophies of Knowledge (Berkley and Descartes)

Descartes was a rationalist; Berkeley an empiricist. Explain the differences in theirepistemologies (philosophies of knowledge). Is there any potential agreement betweenthem on the nature of “material substance“? If so, explain.

Essay on one of the paradoxes

This assignment is supposed to be a thesis writing on one of three paradoxes. Please choose the one that’s easy to score. Work cited for this essay will only be one listed in the instruction.

Describe and explain the Linnean system, the BSC, and phylogenetic systematics classification system

Describe and explain the Linnean system, the BSC, and phylogenetic systematics classification systems. What are the arguments for each? Compare and contrast the views of Aristotle, Darwin, and Mayr with regard to these systems. Make references to the issues of this course given in lecture; that is, analyze your selected theory dispute in terms of […]

Nervous Conditions

The reading you must most focus on is absolutely Nervous Conditions itself; the requirement is to make significant or meaningful use of the two handouts, meaning on an as-needed basis when they can contribute to your discussion of the novel.Prompt is below in the guidelines for writing. If the pdf for the eBook does not […]

Diotima’s speech in Plato’s Symposium

Selected prompt 1PHIL 1000.21 Life of the Mind Fall 2020 Ingledew Paper 2 (750-1000 words; if you get into it, you can write up to 1250 words or so). Optional first draft due by the end of the day October 20, final draft by the end of the day November 3, in both cases via […]

Thomas Aquinas

“Fully explain Aquinas’ method of synthesis in philosophy.  Then explain what characterizes the different parts of the articles (e.g. Objections, On the contrary, etc.).  Then compare his method to the dialectical method of Socrates.BOOK: CLASSICS OF WESTERN PHILOSOPHY EIGHT EDITION BY STEVEN CAHN. PLEASE INCLUDE CITATIONS OF THAT AND WHATEVER OTHER SOURCE YOU USE.

Aristotle, Aquinas,

1. Thoroughly explain Aristotle’s reasoning about the connections between virtue and pleasure in Nicomachean Ethics, Book X. Be sure to explain what he means by some pleasures being natural, and be sure to explain what is the relationship between natural pleasure, virtue, and eudaemonia. 2. Thoroughly explain the problem of Faith and Reason. Then explain […]

Criticism of Philosophers

There are many great philosophers who have had many great ideas over the centuries. These philosophers have had their ideas passed down to many people through the centuries, decades, and years. Fredric Nietzsche, Rene Decartes, and Socrates are philosophers that many philosophy students study. However, not everybody likes or agrees with these philosophers philosophies. The […]

Waghid’s Description of African Philosophy of Education

The first characteristic of African philosophy is that it requires us to be reasonable when thinking about and discussing matters of importance. His point is here is that in as much as one is willing to give clear, logical and defensible arguments, there should as well be a demonstration of willingness to listen to others. […]

Classical versus Christian Worldview

use the text to help you answer with quotes and important ideas.Distinguish between the Classical and Medieval Christian approaches to philosophy. Detail how they differ in emphasis and what they consider to be the focus of philosophy and higher inquiries. Provide examples that illustrate the different perspectives, but especially make sure to use the examples […]

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