ethics/ philosophy

For your final project you will submit a medium-length words in length, with a typical font and spacing , research project on a bioethics topic of your choice. This paper:-should be an in-depth investigation and analysis of a particular problem in the field of bioethics-should make frequent use of the moral principles that were developed […]

The Imitation Game

Recall that the Turing Test is predicated on the proposition thatThe perfect imitation of intelligence is intelligence.The trouble, as the otherwise odious Nathan correctly points out in the film “Ex Machina”, is proving artificial intelligence. Caleb describes this as the ‘chess challenge’: Does the chess-playing computer know that it is playing chess? Analogously, does Ava […]

Beam Me(?) to Mars!

Consider the following new technology:For Stelios, the teletransporter is the only way to travel. Previously it took months to get from the Earth to Mars, confined to a cramped spacecraft with a far from perfect safety record. Stelios’s TeletransportExpress changed all that. Now the trip takes just minutes, and so far it has been 100 […]

Pluck’s Bowl of Tulips

In class we examined the Problem of Induction by first distinguishing between Induction to a Generalization (IG), which we encountered at the start of the semester when we discussed the difference between inductive arguments and deductive arguments, and Induction to a Particular (IP), which seems to more closely mirror the everyday on-the-fly inductive inferences we […]


Final paper (4-6 pages) that explicates a philosophical view and that has a thesis. The final paper (4-6 pages, typed double space, 1000 words min) must identify a film (not one on the syllabus) that expresses a philosophical position (or that illustrates a point about film made in one of the assigned readings from the […]


Argument IIf God were willing to prevent evil, but unable to do so, then He would be impotent. If He were able to prevent evil, but unwilling to do so, then He would be malevolent. Evil can exist in the world only if God is either unwilling or unable to prevent it. Surely there is […]

Philosophies of Knowledge (Berkley and Descartes)

Descartes was a rationalist; Berkeley an empiricist. Explain the differences in theirepistemologies (philosophies of knowledge). Is there any potential agreement betweenthem on the nature of “material substance”? If so, explain.

Essay on one of the paradoxes

This assignment is supposed to be a thesis writing on one of three paradoxes. Please choose the one that’s easy to score. Work cited for this essay will only be one listed in the instruction.

Describe and explain the Linnean system, the BSC, and phylogenetic systematics classification system

Describe and explain the Linnean system, the BSC, and phylogenetic systematics classification systems. What are the arguments for each? Compare and contrast the views of Aristotle, Darwin, and Mayr with regard to these systems. Make references to the issues of this course given in lecture; that is, analyze your selected theory dispute in terms of […]

Nervous Conditions

The reading you must most focus on is absolutely Nervous Conditions itself; the requirement is to make significant or meaningful use of the two handouts, meaning on an as-needed basis when they can contribute to your discussion of the novel.Prompt is below in the guidelines for writing. If the pdf for the eBook does not […]

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