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i need help POSC 182E, Politics and Economic Policy Winter 2023 Professor Nick Weller Class Information Syllabus is also on Canvas/eLearn; please look at it for important dates and information There is a syllabus quiz posted that is due at the end of this week Assignments will become “live” before they are due Course announcements […]

reading response : repression and political control

 you are expected to write a short reading response .  Strategies of Survival: repression and political control – Hassan, Mai, Daniel Mattingly, and Elizabeth R. Nugent. “Political Control.” Annual Review of Political Science 25 (2022): 1-20. – Earl, Jennifer. “Political repression: Iron fists, velvet gloves, and diffuse control.” Annual review of sociology 37 (2011): 261-284. […]

short response

Florida has three distinct heritages. Explain how each have influenced the development of Florida politics. 300-500 word count  Florida’s Historic Developments Historic Development 1565-1890 Florida’s Three Heritages: Spanish Heritage Frontier Heritage Southern Heritage Spanish Spanish Empire: Borderlands La Florida San Agustin (1565) Pensacola (1698) Strategic Defense Little Economic Development Magnet for anti-British activities Runaway slaves […]


 After reading this week’s articles reflect on the different theories to understand why countries develop differently.  Which theory resonates the most with you and why?  Which theory seems to explain less about why countries develop differently.  Compare and contrast these two theories and discuss the strengths and weakness of these two theories. Be sure to […]

China’s New Women’s Protection Law (focus on Eliminate gender discrimination in the hiring process)

Policy analysis China’s New Women’s Protection Law (focus on Eliminate gender discrimination in the hiring process) Write 1800+ words Part 1: Choose a policy to analyze. Stage I – Describe the policy in detail. Stage II – Identify the problem and review some of the literature; how is the problem framed Stage III – Policy […]

Letter to a Policy-Maker

One of the overarching themes of PSCI 2306 is the division of policy-making power among the various branches and levels of government. Another is the importance of representation and having a government that reflects the will of the people. This assignment requires you effectively demonstrate core competencies of critical thinking, communication, social responsibility, and personal […]


M Technology and Mobility and Justice   So, I would like from you two things if you do not mind: (3500 words) In research paper. (Use at minimum 14 academic primer resources). do not use second resources Choose one of the questions : 1. How has platform capitalism changed modes of workers’ exploitation? Discuss by […]

The concept of Executive Privilege

PLEASE SEE ATTACHED AND FOLLOW OUTLINE. 10-15 pages long. 2 Possible Term Paper Topics and Instructions[footnoteRef:1] [1: These instructions are derived from: faculty.smu.edu › jkobylka › ConLaw ] Your term paper will count towards one-third of you class grade. A well-written, well-researched paper in an accepted format (APSA; APA; MLA) will satisfy the writing intensive […]


PLEASE USE CASES ATTACHED Should Californians be able to require higher welfare standards for farm animals that are raised in other states if products from those animals are to be sold in California?  Pork producers are challenging a law that California voters adopted in 2018 via ballot initiative with over 63% approval. It set new […]

Democracy Promotion and Foreign Policy Identity and Interests in US, EU and Non-Western Democracies (2015), Author: Daniela Huber, Palgrave Macmillan (see attached)

Book Review: Introduction, Analysis per each chapter, Conclusions. 2200 Words. Also I need a powerpoint presentation for this assignment. Democracy Promotion and Foreign Policy This page intentionally left blank Democracy Promotion and Foreign Policy Identity and Interests in US, EU and Non-Western Democracies Daniela Huber Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), Rome, Italy © Daniela Huber 2015 All […]

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