Discussion question and answer 2 – OpenStax, American Government

Chapter 11 in OpenStax, American Government.According to your text, the intention of the framers of our Constitution was for the members of Congress to act in a spirit of compromise. In this way, resulting legislation would reflect the interests of the many rather than those of a particular faction. In practice, what are the dangers […]


Chapters 6 and 7 in OpenStax, American Government-Voting can change the future of a generation or a nation. For that reason, voting is most effective when it is thoughtful rather than mechanical. What are the roles of remaining open-minded, being informed, and engaging in political dialogue in making political participation meaningful?Read Chapters 8, 9 and […]


Chapters 1, 2, and 3 in OpenStax, American Government:An integral part of democracy is, by definition, citizen participation. Comment on the following statement: “Without active participation by most of its citizens, a democracy is a failure”Suggest ways citizens can be active participants, and discuss reasons why some citizens may not participate. Chapters 4 and 5 […]

Articles of Confederation

1. List and discuss the shortcomings and advantages of the new government created under the Articles of Confederation. What ideas and sentiments underlined the design of the Articles of Confederation? Give specific descripion of the system of government created by the Articles. Why did the Founding Fathers decide to review and even replace the document? […]

Federalism Discussion Question

1. Federalism Discussion Question (required).Explain the difference between the unitary, confederal, and federal systems of power-sharing. Give examples of countries practicing each type of the power-sharing system. What type of power-sharing system does the United States use today? What was the very first type of grants-in-aid provided by the federal government to states? Compare and […]

The First Amendment clearly prohibits any restrictions on the freedom of speech.

1. The First Amendment clearly prohibits any restrictions on the freedom of speech. Does this mean that in the U.S. we have absolute freedom of speech? Identify the courts’ rules to regulate the following types of speech: obscenities, symbolic speech, and libel/slander. Write about the specific rules/tests/standards/definitions that the Supreme Court has issued to identify […]

Elections Discussion

I need those questions number 1 and number 2 answered separately and carefully. each question needs 200 words and up. and sources of each questions will be separated 1. Elections Discussion (required).Most of these questions can be answered in short paragraphs. Some of you might not have had a chance to vote (due to age, […]

Bureaucracy Discussion

Bureaucracy Discussion (required).1. If you had to choose, which part of the federal bureaucracy would you like to work for? Why? Write about the rules of recruitment of federal bureaucrats. Why and how did the U.S. government switch from the Patronage (Spoils) system to the Merit system? What do you think is the difference between […]

Global Media Industries ASSIGNMENT

 Pick 2 of the following prompts. For each prompt you choose, craft a 4- to 5-page response  ( 12 point font, 1’’ margins document. )    Labor, and Land Financialization via the Globalized Free Zone Studio.”  1. Use Karl Schoonover and Rosalind Galt’s “The Queer Popular: Genre and Perverse Economies of Scale” to analyze Veneno […]

posc week 8

This week we look at the Supreme Court and its power. The court has made major decisions and America would likely be a totally different place had it not been for decisions such as McCulloch v Maryland, Marbury v Madison, Brown v Board of Education and other more recent decisions such as Kelo v New […]

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