Decolonizing and diversifying are easier said than done. Discuss. ( 2000 words )

hello  I want an esay 2000 words about  Decolonizing and diversifying are easier said than done. Discuss. Essay Guidance for Postcolonial Politics General Guidelines Due at 13.00 on December 8th (please don’t be late as we have no control over late penalties) 2000 words  there is a +/- 10% rule, but try to get […]

Master Class Policy and Budgetary Forecasting

 Housing Permits, Housing Starts, Housing Construction and Government Revenue You will notice that the readings (well there are some data sites and some charts and graphs) cover a variety of topics—well it seems that way but not really so. What you are going to do a forecasting the near-time future for revenue collection coming into […]

Our Struggle for Freedom, Civil Liberties And Political Equality

Please see attached instructions  Our Struggle for Freedom, Civil Liberties And Political Equality Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: · Textbook: Chapter 15, 16 The Struggle for Democracy, 2018 Elections and Updates edition 12th Edition · Lesson: Read this Week’s Lesson · Initial Post: minimum of 2 scholarly sources (must include your […]

Discussion Butler

Post a relevant news article, piece of art (music, film, clip from a show, anything is fair game!) and provide an analysis of it using one of the concepts or ideas from the readings for this week. Cite a specific page at least one time, using whatever style you wish. Your analysis should be at […]


everything in PDF 1 “What Democracy Is…and Is Not” Country Memo + Presentation Group Assignment 20 points This assignment requires you to work together in assigned groups of 3-5 students to produce a co-authored memo and group presentation. Your group is tasked with advising a country struggling with democratization on how best to make progress […]

Journal Entries #8

Label each entry as you do them whether it’s the title or numbers.  Take a look at the requirements and example below and what’s attached.   What’s required? Three learning journal entries per week (described below). At least one journal entry per week must address our semester reading, Our Own Worst Enemy, and other readings […]

study help

 Provide a minimum response of one complete paragraph to each of the following ten questions as appropriate. Detailed examples should be included in all answers. Resist the temptation to copy material from any source. All must be written in your own words. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. 1. Identify the two U.S. Senators from California […]

Congressional research report

Research about 8th congressional district of Illinois.  AMERICAN GOVERNMENT CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH PROJECT OVERVIEW: For this project, you will study your U.S. House Representative and your district to determine how your district issues and interests are represented in Congress. The purpose of this exercise is to learn about the linkages between the interests and issues in […]

pad 599 week 10

PowerPoint ®/Slideshow Checklist Top of Form Design · Use a background color or image on slides. · Use Calibri, Lucida Console, Helvetica, Futura, Myriad Pro, or Gill Sans font style. · Use 28–32-point font size for the body of your slides (based on your chosen font style). Avoid font sizes below 24-point. · Use 36–44-point […]

pad 525 week 10

attached he Effects of Public Policy As you have learned, public policy is shaped by many factors and therefore evolves over time. For this assignment, you will focus on a specific advocacy organization and identify a policy or law that connects to the chosen organization. This will give you the opportunity to see this evolution […]

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