criminal justice

  Morrissey v. Brewer (1972) Link (Links to an external site.) Gagnon v. Scarpelli (1973) Link (Links to an external site.) You should summarize the cases and explain the impact they have on the Criminal Justice System.  Do you agree with the outcome of the cases? Do you think the impact they have on the system is […]


1 What were some of the longer-term consequences of his beliefs and policy recommendations for Diaspora Jewry on the one hand, and USFP in the Middle East on the other? Be critical here—does it seem that WEB really understood the consequences of his ideas for the Palestinian locals—Jewish, Muslim, or Christian? 

analyzing body language

For this assignment, you will watch Dr Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream (Links to an external site.) speech and a speech by Alicia Garza of the Black Lives Matter movement (Links to an external site.) and answer questions listed below. Pay special attention to the following aspects in the two speeches.

Event Discussion

  Current Event Discussion #7: Ashworth- MAY- Re: The kinds of influences and pressures used on you Locate a Current Event  (no more than 6-9 months old) that represents a Public Administration problem/issue that can be analyzed using the theories/content from Ashworth- MAY- Re: The kinds of influences and pressures used on you The Chapter/Article […]

Explaining Sudan’s economic and political turmoil

Sudan, this is focused on the two decades post-independence, approximately from 1956-1980.  Can mention in the beginning of the paper that Sudan was one of the first African countries to gain independence. Do not put too much focus on the effects of colonialism because I already wrote a paper on that, it is ok to […]


  Extra Credit Week #8 FDA & COVID – 19  pill Biden’s Poll Numbers Down Columbus Day Monuments Come Down and Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrations Liberals No Compromise with Moderates Nuclear Engineer and Wife Charged with Selling Submarine Secrets with Foreign Countries Afghan Family Waits for Compensation for Mistake US Drone Attack Waring of Inflation […]


  Extra Credit #5 White House Rules There Will Be No Debt-Limit Concessions with Federal Budget Negotiations Biden Global Plan for Vaccinations Biden Lifts COVID Travel Restrictions from Europe Crisis At With Haitians at the Border Vaccine Approval for Children Moves Closer Rise in Number of Babies with Syphilis Presents Health Crisis Biden Address the […]


  Extra Credit #4 Recall Election Aftermath Battle over Kids, Schools, and COVID Consumer Prices on the Rise Congressional Plan to Tax the Rich Angela Merkel’s Legacy Should Biden Reappoint Jerome Powell to Lead the Federal Reserve Post-9/11 and Torture Spending Bill in the Senate Poll on Vaccine Mandate Post Recall Analysis Biden and Childcare […]

Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003)

 Research on  landmark case Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003)   2-3 pages not counting cover or reference page!   Give the facts of the case. What is the influence of the case to US constitutional law? must have Cover and Reference pages and must follow the APA format. 12-inch font, double spaced, times new […]

Pros and cons of Vax Mandate

Your paper will focus on a contemporary problem or controversial issue in American society. Your paper must contain the following:Research recent material on the subject and describe the way the government and interest groups are dealing with issue.Explore the pro and con sides of the issue, and what the two sides are doing about it. […]

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