Experiential Learning Activity

good workon time Experiential Learning Activities Volunteer in your community Find a volunteer opportunity in your community. This can be part of a group volunteer effort such as a community clean up or an individual effort such as volunteering at a nursing home. Get Moving! Decide on a cardiovascular activity such as running, riding a […]


see attachment  Module 3: The Relationship of History with other Disciplines of Study History and Social Sciences HIST 101 Introduction to the Study of History History and Social Sciences History uses other disciplines of study to acquire information and knowledge. As you know, the study of history seeks to obtain extensive information that allows analyzing […]

Social Science

see attachment  Watch the Youtube video Wondrium. Anthropology and the Question of Race – The Great Courses Recovered. Share at least three things the video made you think about related to race. Anthropology and the question of race | the great courses. (2017, June 23). Youtube. Remember to review the academic expectations for your submission. […]


ATTACHED Each posting should be approximately 200 words. Relate your answer to the course content. Answers which have no reference to topics covered in the module will not receive marks. 3.1  First Impressions (Discussion Forum) We form a first impression every time we meet someone new. Sometimes our first impression is negative, “he’s loud and […]


ATTACHED Module 2 Mini-Research Activity Complete the following activity. · Find 2-4 participants. Ask each of them to help you by answering some questions in writing. Proceed only if each participant volunteers to answer. · Explain that you are interested in people’s understanding of how their bodies react when they experience emotions. · Give each […]

Unit 3 Assignment: TED Talk Reflection

Copyright 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Due Date: Points: 100 Overview: As you delve further into Psychology, there are so many topics that can be of interest to you! A great place to explore and learn about different topics is through TED talks, as many TED talks are created by prominent researchers in their […]

Unit 3 DB: Does viewing violence lead to violent behavior?

 After viewing Bandura’s original video from his 1961 study above, complete the following for this discussion: Explain the basic concepts demonstrated in this study in regard to observational learning. Based on the video and your reading, do you believe that violence in television, media, or video games likely promote violent behaviors according to the principles […]


 Part 1: Chapter 1 discusses the different perspectives/schools of thoughts in psychology. I want you to briefly explain a behavior in your own life or a behavior you notice in society (any behavior you’d like to discuss) using one of the perspectives/schools of thought . Select the perspective that makes the most sense to you. […]


Women’s Health  Assignment Content: The Case of Michelle For this assignment, read the below case study and answer questions accordingly. Michelle is a 47-year old woman who has not been to see any healthcare provider since the birth of her third child 6 years ago. She is considering making an appointment to discuss medical options […]

Discussion Topic

Marriage and the Family  Discussion Topic All discussions must be created in a narrative format. Bullet points and lists are unacceptable unless the bullet points and lists are followed by a detailed description or explanation that follows the narrative format. DISCUSSION IN NO LESS THAN 200 WORDS – Write each question followed by your response 1. Do […]

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