i have two weeks left of

I have two weeks left of one of my classes and I am wondering if someone can do it for me please. the name of the class is Intro to stats for health HSCI-2305-002 1.The data in the table are a sample from a larger data set collected on people discharged from a selected Pennsylvania […]

Professor MacQueen

  Directions Complete this project by addressing the criteria below. You will complete parts of the project in each module and receive instructor feedback. Your final submission will be revisions of the work you do throughout the course. Be sure to incorporate instructor feedback from each assignment along the way. Read these guidelines and rubric […]


   CROUP  Your presentation should include an overview of the health problem identified, an in-depth review of the associated anatomy and physiology, an overview of treatment methodologies, and information related to the needs of the patient and/or family related to the problem. Your presentation should be prepared in PowerPoint of 10 to 12 slides with […]

Effects of soy protein nutrition on women and children health

Mini Literature Review Assignment 1. Your review should be based on your planned dissertation/research topic 2. Identify at least 20 relevant peer-reviewed journal articles related to this topic which address current issues in this area, focusing on most recent work (2016 onwards); analyse the findings and relevance of this research 3. You mini literature review […]

Discuss why viruses are more difficult to treat than bacteria and how they affect our body.

 Discuss why viruses are more difficult to treat than bacteria and how they affect our body.  Identify properties  of viruses, characteristics, viral nucleic acids and life cycle of animal viruses.   (You can help yourself to answer this question reading the PowerPoint in the Modules here in Canvas Chapter 5  Viral structures and multiplication, pages 8-10, […]


What are the personal and/or communal ethical factors that may be involved in determining the moral position of either side in that debate articulate and then evaluate the ethical positions using Kantian ethics (that is, the categorical imperative) relative to the long-standing debate (that is your topic chosen in the week three assignment).

Fictitious Insurance company-flood

 INSTRUCTIONS: Create a fictional company addressing the issue “Flood”. In your field of study, create the following plan.  Health/Public Health – How will you ensure health and public health systems stay operational and accessible?  Risks Injury Prevention Preventable Death Hospital/Ambulance Availability Solutions During Crisis Solutions After Crisis  Be sure that you have a separate page […]

Health Science

  You and your colleagues had a twitter conversation in which you all addressed a specific aspect of the emergency in your communities through the lenses of your professions. Tweets can only go so far in imparting critical information. Podcasts have become a go-to for millions to get credible information quickly and on demand. In […]


research proposal  contain:  Title Page (All successive preliminary pages are numbered consecutively)  ▪ Table of Contents  ▪ List of Tables and Figures  ▪ Abstract  ▪ Chapter 1: Introduction  ▪ Background of the Study  ▪ Aim and Objectives  ▪ Hypothesis (if needed)  ▪ Significance of the Study  ▪ Definition of Terms  ▪ Chapter 2: Literature Review […]


   In this case-based project, students will apply feminist science studies to a “real world example.” Individuals will select a public text related * to science and gender, race, or sexuality (or all 3): a media story about sex differences in a particular health condition; a career mentoring program for women of color scientists; a […]

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