Course Outcomes for Assignment:  · Apply and integrate the concepts and knowledge gained in prior general management and health care administration courses to industry-relevant challenges. · Analyze critical factors in a healthcare organization’s internal and external environments that may positively or negatively affect the achievement of the organizational mission and goals.  2011 Joplin, MO Tornado […]


Leadership in Healthcare: week 2 Must post first. Part 1: There are many types of communication styles used in the workplace. Choose what you think is your leadership style: north, south, east, or west. Click  The Leadership Compass Self-Assessment  link for details. e are many types of communication styles used in the workplace. Choose what you […]

Homework Assignment

  April 26, 1986, was a day that would live in infamy: the day of the Chernobyl accident. Several explosions at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant caused a fire which subsequently released radioactive material into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, a good bit of misinformation was then shared, which did little to help the citizens in the […]

quantitative analysis research question

1 4 Assignment #1: Quantitative Analysis   Assignment 1: Between Black and White Population-  Comparing the annual percent of Medicare enrollees having at least one ambulatory visit between B and W  Target:  · Develop an evaluative research question associated with health care management issues, and propose a methodology that could lead to an improvement of […]


Repeal of Obamacare? The ACA, signed into law in 2010, substantially changed the direction and strategies of most US healthcare organizations. The US Department of Health & Human Services was given the responsibility of implementing many of the provisions that sought to “expand coverage, emphasize prevention, improve the quality of health care and patient outcomes […]


  1. Provide an example of the upside of risk and explain the concept. 2. Explain how Enterprise Risk Management varies from traditional risk management? 3. What are five examples of internal and external drivers of an organization’s risk culture? 4. Provide an example company, give a description of the organization and its work area. […]


2 DICUSSION1 Consider examples of research questions below: 1. Does the organization of renal transplant nurse coordinators’ responsibilities influence live donor rates? 2. How, if at all, are the timing and location of suicide prevention appointments linked to veterans‘ suicide rates?”Examples of Research Questions | PhD | School of Nursing | Vanderbilt University,” n.d.) Reference Examples of Research Questions | PhD […]

Credible Science and Real-World Problems

  Assignment 2: Credible Science and Real-World Problems Due: Week 6 Points: 150 Skill(s) Being Assessed: Problem Solving Criteria for Success: In this assignment, you will: Explain why the NEJM is a credible and high quality source. Summarize the findings about treating COVID-19 with remdesivir. Explain how the drug’s effectiveness was tested. Provide the dosage […]

Certified Emergency Manager

Help with information Assessment Description The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) is a nonprofit, educational organization whose members include local, state, and federal emergency managers, homeland security officials, and nonprofit and volunteer practitioners. IAEM has two certified emergency manager (CEM) credentialing programs to certify achievements within the profession and raise and maintain professional standards […]


stata_name stcd year total_hosp_cost total_hosp_revenue hospital_beds bedsize_cat teaching_hospital system_member level_trauma white rural_area herf_cat herf_index non_white log_hosp_cost log_hosp_revenue total_hospital_beds total_hospital_medicare_days total_hospital_medicaid_days interns_and_residents total_hospital_employees_on_payr total_hospital_non_paid_workers total_hospital_medicare_discharg total_hospital_medicaid_discharg total_hospital_discharges own Arizona 86 2012 1.89E+07 1.73E+07 19 1 0 0 0 58.7 0 1 0 41.3 16.75435 16.66785 168.92 11551.5 8206.92 855.048 2695.488 2867 8879 0 Arizona 86 2012 […]

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