Healthcare 2

  Topic of Interest Posting: Initial Post Due by Saturday at 11:59 pm EST. Pick a topic from the list and discuss it in terms of the concept analysis and evaluation. Support your statements with credible evidence and offer an example. (Note: Select a topic that will allow you learn something new and is of interest […]


  How does science work to solve environmental problems? Explain the steps in the scientific process as it relates to an environmental problem and describe one potential challenge to solving that problem. And… Why is it important to consider the natural, social, cultural and economic environments (address each individually) in any environmental problem-solving? 4-5 Sentences […]


   You will write a 3-4 page research-based paper in current APA format that focuses on an infectious disease selected from the list below. Explain the pathogen, mode of transmission, commons signs and symptoms, prevention, and treatment for the disease. The paper must include at least 2 scholarly references in addition to the Bible. Paper […]

Nutrition Article Critical Analysis

   There are 3 parts to this assignment and 2 articles to find. Please read each part carefully before proceeding. You will need to submit at least a 2-page paper, single spaced, and include each article’s title, author, publication site (journals, magazines, web-sites) and date of publication. PART 1 Find and read 2 different types […]

Need to write a paper describing the evidence of safety and effectiveness of a stimulator for depression (medical device)

The assignment for the paper is to provide a written summary describing why stimulator (medical device) is safe and effective in VNS therapy system in depression only  it should have 4 pages excluding references and cover page, AMA format only,  plagiarism free The paper should cover the  following areas: Introduction Description of       device and indication […]

5 Pro Tips for Staying on Track with Your Thesis Writing

So, you have finally decided to complete your dissertation and become a Ph.D., but now you find it hard to concentrate on work and complete the research? Do not give up, and do not feel bad. This entire scenario is normal, and many postgraduate students find themselves wondering whether the degree is worth the struggle. […]

How To Add Products In Facebook Marketplace?

Have you created an account on the Facebook Marketplace? Don’t know how to add new products which suite selling account? If yes, then should make use of the technical help directly from the technical troubleshooters who will direct you about the same.  Moreover, you should  get the exact aid regarding the same.

Info Tool I (Google Forms) of IST 309

   Info Tool I (Google Forms) Background: Your company is looking for a market area for a new product/location. Your assignment is to develop, disseminate, and collect data for a survey on a topic of your choice (related to a new market area for a new product/location). Think of it as a real life scenario, and […]

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