1. Read CH 8 1. CH 8 – Socialization and Integration Read Case Study (Socialization in Professional Basketball: The Rookie Transition Program) on page 107 and submit responses to Case Study Questions via ‘Assignments’ image6 image7 image8 image9 image10 image11 image1 image2 image3 image4 image5


Aesop’s Last Fable By William March (1893-1954) Aesop, the messenger of King Croesus, finished his business with the Delphians and went back to the tavern where he had taken lodgings. Later, he came into the taproom where a group of Delphians were drinking. When they realized who he was, they crowded about him, “Tell us,” […]

Ukraine war: Resilient civilians return to liberated town of Lyman

Ukraine war: Resilient civilians return to liberated town of Lyman Image caption, Valentina says that while the town of Lyman has been liberated, the missile attacks continue By Andrew Harding BBC News, Lyman, eastern Ukraine   Two Ukrainian fighter jets roar low overhead as we emerge from a dense, snow-bound forest and drive into the […]

SWK-204- Social Work Research

The Social Work Assignment is attached. SWK204 Lesson 6 Discussion 1 What are the three types of research used in social work? Give examples of each of them.  What type of research would you be most interested in? (200 Words) Lesson 6 Discussion 2 What is a hypothesis? How do you use it in a […]

Social Work and Evidence-Based (EBP) Practice Assignment – SEE ATTACHMENT FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Social Work practitioners can no longer rely on their desire to help as the major criterion for the effectiveness of their interventions. It is imperative that we are able to demonstrate that our interventions are effective for a particular problem and person. One of the ways to evaluate the effectiveness of a given theory or […]

The Family System: Overview of the Problem of Child Abuse and Neglect

Child welfare services have a primary goal of protecting children from harm and promoting a child’s development to ensure a healthy transition towards adulthood.  However, when considering the historical and contemporary disproportionality of children of color represented within the child welfare systems (i.e., foster care, juvenile justice, etc.), it is important to consider the role […]

Intervention Design

please use the readings attached/ linked and the video link below to answer the question Below Readings: Videos: How does using a Ted Talk in the classroom work as an intervention? In this case, on the importance of inclusion. What is Evaluation Research Investigates social programs to see if they work E.g. D.A.R.E. Program […]

Problem Solving

Problem Solving- PHI  Do or w ay Ad m in ist ra tio n Re st ro om Re st ro o m St or ag e Br ea kr oo m Te ch ni ci an F lo or Ex it Ti m ec lo ck Se cu rit y Ca m er a […]

Applied Sociology

What are your thoughts on the readings? Do you see an applied tradition running through the discipline, and if so, can you give an example? 342 39 APPLIED SOCIOLOGY HARRY PERLSTADT Michigan State University, East Lansing Applied sociology is the oldest and most general term for what Lester F. Ward (1903) identified more than 100 years […]

SWK-204- Social Work Research

Lesson 5 Discussion How does integrity impact a research study?  What are the similarities and differences between the NASW Code of Ethics and the CSWE Statement? Lesson 5 Assignment Write a one-to-two-page using APA format, cite references and submit a reference page. Look up and read the NASW Code of Ethics Link: Code of […]

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