8 pages essa

Topic I use is Abortion. 8 pages essa. All Instructions and formatting should be followed. This is Current Moral and Social Issues. So, topic you will choose must be related to those. I also attached the class reading. As pointed in the Instructions, at least one philosophical perspective from the class. Check the images in order […]


Financial Portfolio Project: Part 4 Assessment Description The purpose of this assignment is to determine how different credit scores will impact a purchase. Think about how Jamie Lee Jackson’s scenario, located in Connect, applies to your daily life. Try a website such as bankrate.com or other similar websites to view interest rates. Write a 200-300-word […]

War, Peace & Prosperity

Please refer to War, Peace and Prosperity in the Name of God (WPP) to answer one of the following questions: 1) What do the conventional sociology and political science literatures argue about the role of religion in sociopolitical stability and why? According to the book, how do Abrahamic monotheisms factor into these effects?  2) How […]


see the file Read three informational books that relate to the topic of your final project. Evaluate the books using the criteria for analyzing books of this genre. Note: For this assignment, choose books found in the “nonfiction” area of the library. All three books should have actual numbers on their spines. Examples: 598.45/Jones, 628.06/Smith, […]

Disabilities Studies DQ 5

  In this discussion, we’re going to take a look at issues associated with reporting known or suspected cases of child abuse. According to the American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family, “Surveys of health care professionals, including mental health providers, indicate that professionals often fail to report identified child maltreatment, […]

Institutional Enthnography

Smith is well-known as a pathbreaking feminist scholar and in particular for her work on standpoint theory, which argues that what one knows is heavily influenced by one’s position (standing) in society. The basic premises of Smith’s approach is that 1) it is impossible to have complete objective knowledge; 2) no two people will have […]

L9- HS

 Pick a friend and do an assessment on them as a “whole” person. You can do this by looking at them through the wellness model discussed in the Chapter 8 presentation and the book under the “Wellness Perspective” (the Creative Self, Coping Self, Social Self, Essential Self and Physical Self). For the discussion, tell us something you didn’t know about […]


  1. Think about a client with whom it would be very difficult or troubling to work with. For example, the issue might be a difference in lifestyle, a present or past behavior, personal appearance or hygiene, ethnicity or value conflicts. Describe the client and the situation as fully as you can. Then, explain why […]


THE Word is Socialization State and define the sociological concept/term Provide a visual representation (an image) of that concept/term  At the top of your paper, state category of visual source (cartoon, social media, depiction of current event, or personal choice) Provide a write-up tying the concept and the image(s) together. This should include: “Read” into […]

Sociology 7

  Work with a group of classmates to construct a basic, needs-oriented budget for a family of a specified size (e.g., 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children) for a month. Consider the estimated cost of rent or a mortgage, transportation, communication, food, clothing, school supplies, electricity, and so forth. When […]

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