Developmental Analysis: Adulthood Assignment

Even though the assignment requires 7 pages, please only write 5 pages (body of paper). I will take care of the title page and the reference page. References must be at least 3 scholarly sources. my school login information to access the online school library is: NAte020418! to access my textbook you can go […]

Veterans Homelessness

my school login information to access the online school library is: NAte020418! all of the references listed in the annotated bibliography and outline are accessible through my school library at: access my textbook you can go here with the same login info as above: the course book is: Life Span: Human Development […]

Paper based on Counselling perspective

Paper based on Counselling perspective Paper must refer to CasestudyIntro Section A Section B Section C Conclusion Attached is info for each section along with some information I have gathered from articles or books. Text Book – Grief and its ChallengesThompson, N., (2011) Palgrave MacMillanISBN: 9780230277564

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Literature Review

See below and articles to write about are will search for three of your own peer-reviewed academic journal articles. Please use the library search directions below to make sure that the journal articles that you select for this assignment are “peer-reviewed” (meaning that the articles are published in an academic journal and reviewed by […]

Assignment 4 Compare and Contrast Helping Professions

See paper instructions Instructions You will submit the finalized assignment in this Module. Social and human services assistants often work collaboratively with other helping professionals to provide wrap-around services for clients in need and to later evaluate how well the services worked for the client. Such complex tasks require that each person understands the knowledge […]

Black Americans and undocumented Americans.

Ethical standards are essential to the helping professions because they define acceptable conduct, specify areas of expertise, and can protect the client from harm. In this discussion, you will compare and contrast the ethical standards for human services with the ethical standards for one other profession, based on the first letter of your last name.Navigate […]

Group Observation Assignment

See attached instructions. I am working on getting the forms and will attach.DirectionsFollow these steps:Step 1: Choose and observe a groupSelect a group and set up a time to observe. You may choose to observe a support group, a work group or team, a prevention group, or an advocacy group. You must notify your instructor […]

National Organization for Human Services committee tasked with writing a new reference book for Human Services

See attached instructionsInstructionsYou will submit the finalized assignment in this Module.Assume or pretend you are a recent appointee to a National Organization for Human Services committee tasked with writing a new reference book for Human Services. The book must include several chapters on historical pioneers in Human Services and is titled History and Foundations of Human Services in […]

Discussion – See attached

See attached Discussion 3: Environmental and Traumatic Social Problems and Helping 33 unread replies.1919 replies. For this discussion, you will learn more about the helping process, and the helper’s role in crisis intervention. You may want to refer back to Chapter 7’s section regarding Crisis Intervention and Chapter 8’s section regarding International Focus. You will […]

Trauma Counselling

Please see attached assessment information.HSCS 478 – Trauma Counselling – Assignment 1 Marking CriteriaMust Complete: YesWeighting (%): 50Assessment Notes: Written AssignmentNo. Words: 3000  Relates to Learning Outcomes: ULO1, ULO2(1) Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of different types of traumatic experiences and their potential impact on individuals, families and professionals who support them;(2) Initiate, plan and evaluate best practice in terms of evidence-based […]

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